Thursday, February 9, 2012

Foxey Lady

obviously had to include this

Are You Experienced?

Stone Free

51st Anniversary

Songs of the Day

Foxey Lady:  I love this song - it is oh so addicting.  Another one of the more famous tunes, and understandably so.  I can only think of Wayne's World every time I hear it though - what a fantastic scene in movie history - which means I think of Dana Carvey...weird.  Gotta love the cut to Jimi on "foxey lady" - oh so sexy.  The hits really make it for me, so much power in them.  Great B section.  This whole song is just a sexyjamfunk that I'm in love with.

Are You Experienced?:  Man, Outkast straight took this intro for "Miss Jackson," or at least it sounds that way.  Love the backwards record sound, it gives a very cool psychadelic/hip-hop feel - these cats were ahead of their time, most definitely.  Dig the single repeated note on the piano - funky.  Cool "drummer boy" feel with the snare.  Awesome guitar solo - Jimi, you are just too much.

 Stone Free:  The first 5 seconds of this song reminds me of the beginning "I Feel Fine" by The Beatles, and their my favorite band, so I'm totally down with that.  Oh hey cowbell, you are very prominent - I can get down with it though.  I like how low everything is on the verses for this tune, getting a little crazier and bringing it up in the chorus.  Man, Mitch Mitchell is some serious trouble on the drums - he holds that shit dooooown.

51st Anniversary:  So far, this may be my least favorite, but that's in comparison to some really great tracks, so it doesn't mean much in the larger spectrum.  I do really like the chord progression, and the pace - especially how it slows down and picks up and what not.  I think it may be too similar to some of the other tracks - that may be what it is.  I dig that everyone's kind of doing their own thing, but they still blend well.  Still a solid track.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

May This Be Love

The Wind Cries Mary

I Don't Live Today


Third Stone from the Sun

Songs of the Day

May This Be Love:  I love the ominous intro on this one, and it doesn't take you where you'd expect.  Dig that the ominousness turns into a sweet little something, with hits of the eerie feel sprinkled in throughout.  The minimalism of the groove is very cool - makes you pay closer attention to the context of the lyrics.  Crash hits are pretty cool.  I like that Jimi doesn't try to go over the top with his voice - he knows its limits.  Sweet little guitar solo to take us out.  Oh, how lovely.

I Don't Live Today:  Diggin the psychedelic rock feel on this one - it's a little more in the forefront than the others, which is probably thanks to the effect on the guitar.  Love the pick up into the chorus - adds a nice emphasis.  I like that the groove is really what this band focuses on, because that's always what I mainly focus on.  This is a short, upbeat, but groovin tune.  Doesn't sound like it's trying to be anything it's not - dig it.

The Wind Cries Mary:  Again, we have reached one of Hendrix's most famous tunes, and no surprise as it is oh, so sweet.  Such a great guitar lick on this one - classic - I love that Miles Davis sampled it.  Oh goodness, if that collaboration had actually happened...I don't even want to think about it, or I'll get upset.  Love the mellowness of this tune, and how it just makes you want to sit back and relax.  Great solo by Jimi.  I like all of the movement Mitch has got going on in the drums - it's a nice contrast.

Fire:  Oh hey, rock blues, how you been?  Love the super upbeat groove on this one, especially how it focuses on Mitch, while Noel and Jimi are just holdin down their chords.  Oh hey background vocals, nice of you to join us.  Nothing extraordinary with them, but sometimes you just need some backups to hold the groove down.  Funky monkey.

Third Stone from the Sun:  I didn't immediately recognize this song by name, but as soon as the famous lick came in, I knew what I was listening to.  Love the play with meter going on in the beginning of this - definitely makes for an interesting groove.  I actually like all of the weird, faint stuff going on in the background - adds a nice touch.  Noel's super simple, but yet so funky on the bass - dig it.  Like that this is essentially an instrumental track, with some nice Jimi poetry.  It's all trippy n long n shit.  Dig.