Friday, February 8, 2013


Every Part

Songs of the Day

I've got final two songs of the day to finish off this lovely EP, "Sides," and "Every Part."  "Sides" is probably my least favorite song on the album, but that's not really saying much because it's still a good track.  It's simple (like the rest of the album), and I really like the guitar lick with vocals and kick drum in the verses, but there's not a single thing that really captures me like the rest of the tracks.  Emily sounds sweet, as always, but I think this one could have used a little extra punch.  The build up at the end brings it together, which I like, but I wish the rest of the tune had been closer to this level.  The hopefulness of the lyrics is very sweet as well, she's definitely got a gift. 
Man, "Every Part" almost had me going.  This is one of those tunes where you wouldn't even have to listen to the lyrics and you'd want to cry...but then you listen to the lyrics and you really want to cry.  It's only 2:30 in the afternoon, I ain't got time for that shit! (But I secretly do.) I really love that it starts with the sound of rain, and ends with birds chirping (presuming sun) - I find that touch very sweet.  You can hear the emotion in Emily's voice on this one, which makes it all the better.  Love the very subtle, gradual build of instruments throughout the track.  All the subtleties on this album are really awesome.  Great way to take out a really great EP.

Thursday, February 7, 2013



Songs of the Day

Today, we've got tracks 4 & 5, "Radio," and "Georgia."  Today's couple of tunes are very, very sweet.  They've both got this softness, surrounded by subtle instrumentation - I really dig them.  They both need to be on a soundtrack to a romantic movie.  I love the hook to "Radio" - "if I had one request after I'm gone, I'd ask my creator to turn the radio on." Such a sweet love song to music.  Emily's tone works so well on these soft tunes, it's quite lovely.  I love the guitar tone in the background as well.  Short and sweet.  "Georgia" has got the same kind of feel going on, makin me all sad that I'm single n shit, but that's besides the point.  I really dig the simplicity of the percussion on this, it really keeps everything together with so little.  The strings throughout this whole EP are really beautiful, and I like how tasteful they are - they're the perfect little something.  Really sweet number.  These two tunes are giving me a sweet tooth, and I love it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


No More Room

Ever After

Songs of the Day

Today, I'm reviewing the first three tracks off the EP (essentially the first half): "Down," "No More Room," and "Ever After."  I must say, "Down" is damn near perfect, I fucking love this song.  From the a cappella intro, to the simple beat, to her voice, to her lyrics - it's all great.  Two friends falling in and out of love is no original topic, but she writes and sings about it in a very fresh way that really captures the moment.  There are a lot of little things going on in the beat, but they never clash, and are all very subtle.  The bridge is very sweet as well.  A cappella outro to tie it all together.  This song is just overall sweet...sweet, and lovely.  "No More Room" is a great follow up (I already made the hook my fb status for the day).  There are way too many people/emotions I no longer have room for in my life, so I definitely feel this tune.  Loooove the string sforzando in the beginning.  The verses have a nice, subtle build to them that I really like, leaving Emily front and center.  "Loneliness it's time that I let you go" is exactly how I've been feeling, so this tune fits right into my life.  Damn girl, just tuggin at my heart strings n shit.  Love the background vocals.  The breakdown is great, love the simplicity to it with the guitar build up.  This fucking song...fuck.  "Ever After" is an awesome tune as well, but probably my least favorite of the day.  I don't feel too bad about that seeing as it's the only tune on the album that Emily didn't write.  My only serious critique of it is that I feel like her vocals are too low in the chorus, when I really wish they'd punch like the rest of the instrumentation.  I dig that this tune has a more upbeat feel than the last two, it's a nice pick me up.  The rock undertone is cool as well, and her soft voice works surprisingly well with it.  Solid background vocals, but that's no surprise at this point.  Beat is on point.  Man, I love this lady's voice.

Album Factoids


Released: July 12, 2011
Genre: R&B/Soul (a lil jazz in there too)
Label: none
Producer: Jeremy Most

Week 79: Emily King

So this weeks album isn't a recommendation from anyone other than myself.  I've listened to only a couple of Emily's tracks, and I liked them a lot, but for some reason I never dove into her EP, Seven.  I see Berklee people blowing up her spot all the time, and I know a couple of people that have played with her, so it only seemed appropriate to find out what all the buzz is really about.  I'm mad late on this bandwagon, but better late than never.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Final Grade: B

I thought this was overall a pretty decent, compact album.  I wish it was a little more lyrically invigorating, but I wasn't expecting much from an album about Adult Swim characters.  Danger Mouse's talent overshadowed MF Doom's, in my opinion, but they're both very talented dudes.  Really loved all the old samples that Danger used, which gave the whole album an old school feel that I really liked.  MF Doom's flow is pretty sweet, so I'm definitely gonna look into some more of his solo stuff so that I can get a better feel for what he does.  Loved all the quirky character cameos - they added a lot of fun to the album. It's a silly album, but overall, I dug it.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Mince Meat

Vats of Urine

Space Hoes

Bada Bing

Songs of the Day

So, we've got the final four tracks off the album today: "Crosshairs," "Mince Meat," "Vats of Urine," "Space Ghost," and "Bada Bing." "Crosshairs" is a pretty sweet beat with some funky guitar and violin parts.  I can't really understand what MF Doom is saying though - he gets kind of lost in the beat.  I dig it, not my favorite track though.  I think "Mince Meat" might be one my favorites off the album.  The beat is way on point, and MF Doom's flow goes really well on top of it.  It's got an alien feel that I dig.  How can you not like "Vats of Urine" when it opens and closes with the aliens from ATHF?  That's probably my favorite part.  This beat actually contains a horn line that I'm not really into, and that's disappointing.  Okay track.  "Space Hoes" is the most popular track off of this album, and I can see why - it's pretty dope, and definitely the most commercial.  Dig the whistle in the beat.  Space Ghost has a nice cameo, I get down with it.  I must say, I think they could've gone out with a better track than "Bada Bing."  I'm distracted by the beat, and it just doesn't hit me the way I want it to.  Although, the beat does go hard, and I can appreciate it, but it's a all a little too much.  Master Shake's final voicemail was a good way to take it out, but the rap from Meatwad was the best way.