Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hold My Liquor

I'm In It

Blood On the Leaves

Guilt Trip

Send It Up

Bound 2

Songs of the Day

Well, I'm just gonna finish the album today because I'm so fucking behind.  So, I've got "Hold My Liquor," "I'm In It," "Blood On the Leaves," "Guilt Trip," "Send It Up," and "Bound 2."  Spoiler alert: it all sucks.  Thankfully the beats are a little better this half, but that's about it.  "Hold My Liquor" is stupid.  I actually don't mind the harmonized autotune in the beginning, but only because it's harmonized.  Unfortunately it goes to solo autotune, and ruins it.  When will he just stop with that?  It's obviously not working in his favor.  I really don't like the horn in the beat - it's loud and distracting.  "Pussy had me floatin/feel like Deepak Chopra" - fucking hilarious line.  Kanye's flow on this is lackluster, which doesn't help the not-so-hot beat.  Were his flow/lyrics better, this track could be salvageable.  Weird guitar part is just that...weird.  I'm bored by the end of this.  The fact that Kanye says "eat your ass" in "I'm In It" is enough for me to turn my brain off.  I do like the deep voice underneath, it's a cool way to emphasize the verses (which are some of the better ones on the album, still not great though).  I don't like the beat, it's one big clusterfuck and is too all over the place.  The dancehall break is alright, something different.  The "she came and was like aaaaaaaah" line with the chop and screw at the end is funny, I literally laughed out loud.  But the ongoing "stop fucker" part is just weird.  This is one of the better tunes, flow wise, so I can get down with that, but the lyrics still aren't up to old school Kanye's par.  I have very mixed feelings about "Blood On the Leaves."  I like the beat, I think it's interesting, and I don't even hate Kanye's autotune (he's done much better), but my main problem is with the sample.  It's a Nina Simone sample of the tune "Strange Fruit," which is one of the more poignant lyrics of the 20th century, and while the use of the sample is cool within the song, I almost find it disrespectful that he would use a tune that is so significant to the African-American community.  Seems inappropriate talking about doing Molly, and cocaine, and fucking bitches and shit with that kind of sample.  I'm also not the biggest fan of the horn sound they use, and it's a little too upfront.  I'm really searching for some lines that mean something, but nothing really pops out at me.  This song could have been a lot better, the potential was there, but he let his arrogance take over.  "Guilt Trip" is nothing I care about.  The beat is kinda cool, but that's about the only thing going for it.  Firstly, I can barely understand a damn thing he says.  He also starts this shit with fucking autotune, so I already hated it from the start (also, maybe it's time he get a new formula).  Stop singing, homie - you can't.  The string part at the end is kinda cool, but I really don't like the other shit going on - it clouds it.  Nothing special about this track.  I want to like "Send It Up," but this damn airhorn is gonna make me punch somebody, for real.  I like that he's rapping lower in his register, but you can't really understand what he's saying, so that doesn't help.  The dancehall part (round 2) is pretty cool, it would have been better if the airhorn was only on this part - would have saved some serious annoying points.  Luckily, he knows we want to be annoyed, so he adds a weird sound that keeps it annoying.  Basically, I'm annoyed.  Of course he saves the best beat for the last tune, "Bound 2."  I actually really like this beat, mainly because of the Brenda Lee sample, and it reminds me of classic Yeezy.  I really don't like the B section though.  Not to mention the melody sounds just like that hilarious Mary J. Blige commercial she did for Burger King that everyone thought was so racist.  Seriously, listen to it, and tell me these melodies are not almost the same damn thing!  Thank God he goes back to the original beat.  The lyrics are, no surprise, arrogant.  Lots of fucking and what not.  I wish his flow was better on this one, and that he actually said some shit that mattered, cuz this song could be really, really dope.  Waste of a beat.