Thursday, March 22, 2012

Final Grade: B+

This is a solid album by a solid band.  After seeing them live, there's no doubt these guys are gonna do big things in music, and I'm really excited to see that.  The beginning and end of this album are stronger than the middle for me (with the exception of "Binky" right smack in the middle - it's my favorite).  I love that they were not afraid to dive into really different sections within songs - music doesn't have enough of that these days.  They still remind me of a funkier Yellowjackets, but that's a good thing.  Looking forward to their future projects.  This is definitely one to check out for all you fusion fans.

Young Stuff

Quarter Master

Songs of the Day

Young Stuff:  I dig the mysterious vibe this track starts out with - I feel like I'm in a black and white detective movie.  The horn part is super slick, and smooth and adds a great texture to the groove.  Love the steady backbeat on the drums.  Super mellow, I dig it.  Segway into the B section with the organ solo is pretty sweet, I like the emphasis on every beat by the guitar.  Nice build up into the horn entrance - very cool.  Love the bring down into the super smooth, sultry C section - sounds like love makin.  Max is gettin super sexy on that bass during this - I definitely dig it.  Solid build to the end.  I get down with this number.

Quarter Master:  Nice upbeat, latin tempo to this one (they seem to seriously dig the latin vibe on this album).  Love Max's starting bass line - nice n funky.  Horns may be my favorite part of any band, and I love that they do it right.  This groove is latin, and funky, and bluesy, and saloon-y, and jazzy - very cool blend.  It essentially turns into New Orleans jazz, and I get down with that.  I like that there's not too much switch up in this song.  Love the solo horns at the end.  I don't think I would have ended on this track, but it's definitely a solid tune.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Mr. Montauk

I was there!!

Like a Light

not online... womp womp

Songs of the Day

Binky:  This is a pretty sick tune, but I knew it would be once it started off on that sweet latin groove.  Love the 6/8 feel - very groovy.  Love the parallel guitar/bass line - gives it really great weight.  This has a nice, subdued funk feel to it that I really dig - keeps you listening, keeps you groovin.  The bring down towards the end is really great too - it brings a great switch to the feel that's mellow, but still lets you know they're funky.  And then to bring it up into a whole new funk feel - gave me a stank face!  Max on that bass, man...just so funky.  Those horns are mighty nice as well - nice n simple.  I really like what a switch up of feels they've got going on here between the A, B, and C sections - shows you a nice variety of their sound.  They performed this at the show I just saw, and it was so fucking good.  I definitely get down with this one - my favorite so far.

Mr. Montauk:  Dig the upbeat feel to this one - gets you movin.  This has got a cool 70s/80s fusion feel to it that makes me happy, simply because it's nice to hear it's still around.  Love the horn line - super fresh.  Man, the B section on this is sweet - love how mellow it is contrasted by the grit of the electric violin.  Having an electric violin is fucking awesome - rockin out like nobody's business!  These contrasting A/B sections they keep on with remind me of Herbie, and that is oh so lovely.  Love the build up, but I must say that I'm not as into the final groove as I am with the rest of the song.  Still good though.

Like A Light:  I can understand the title behind this track, because it is most certainly light.  That's probably much thanks to the super smooth horn line going on - definitely dig it.  I really love the latin backbeat going on here, it makes me wanna samba...or be on a beach with a drink...or both.  Yeah, definitely beachy.  The chords in the beginning and ending motif are very cool - I like the dissonance in them.  This track belongs to drums for me, and I like it.