Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Highway Chile

Can You See Me


Red House

Songs of the Day

my goodness, I am so far behind.

Highway Chile:  Ah yes, I am familiar with this song.  There are so many tunes that I don't recognize by name, but that is a pretty common occurrence.  I love that everyone is featured doing their own thing in the groove - the guitar has it's moment, then the drums have theres; it's kind of like a call and response type thing.  I'm into it.  Dig the repeating guitar riff.  Jimi is sounding cool as always.

Can You See Me:  Solid rock blues feel on this one - I dig it.  I like the doubled vocals, adds a nice emphasis to the vocals.  Cut out before verses is sweet.  Dig use of whole kit by Mitch.  SOlid track.

Remember:  Mmmm this is a sweet little blues.  This is one where I wish Mitch was a little less enthusiastic - it'd be nice to hear a slower tempo against these chord changes.  Dig the pick up into the bridge.  Solid guitar solo.

Red House:  Now this is the kind of blues I'm talkin about.  I've obviously heard this tune before - one of his most popular.  But damn, what a great blues this is - down n dirty.  This actually makes me retract my statement about Mitch doing too much in the previous tune, because it's being made up for now.  I dig it. Takin it hoooome.