Friday, April 8, 2011

Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodby

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

I actually enjoy this live version much more than that on the album.

Songs of The Day

Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodby:  This is a decent song, but I must say, I'm not the biggest fan of the groove goin on here.  It's a little corny for my taste.  It's kind of got a ho-down feel to it that I just can't get down with.  But Roberta sounds great, and I can't hate on that.  I think I would like the track better sans strings.  Yeah, they don't help much on this song.  Decent, but I'm not listening to it a bunch of times.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face:  I have some similar feelings about this track.  It's a good track, but the arrangement isn't my favorite.  It doesn't feel corny though, so that's definitely a good thing.  I'm not sure, I'm just not taken with this track very much.  I do dig the bass holdin it down though, nice n simple.  Again, Roberta's an angel, but not my favorite.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our Ages or Our Hearts

Really beautiful track.  Yall should listen.  Here.

I Told Jesus

Listen here!!  Wonderful tune.

Songs of The Day

Our Ages or Our Hearts:  Today's songs are both very somber, which isn't exactly what I would ideally want to listen to today, but they're both so stunning that I no longer care.  I'm really loving Roberta's tone - it's so smooth and beautiful.  The orchestration of this song is really great, everything sounds so pure.  I love the pizicatto strings spread out throughout the song, they provide great texture.   Everyone should definitely listen to this track.

I Told Jesus:  This track has a very similar sound to the preceding track, which normally would bother me, but it works really well.  They flow into one another nicely.  Again, Miss Flack sound astounding.  There's a little more of an effect on her voice on this track, but I think that's just due to it's age and the recording quality.  But whatever, 'cause I like it!  Love the addition of horns on this track.  Great slow build up in this.  Quality.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Compared to What

Click here to listen to this funky lil diddy!

Angelitos Negros

the sound quality kind of sucks, but it's amazing regardless.

Songs of The Day

Compared to What:  Funny, this is the second time I'm reviewing this track (the first being on Week 2: Roots & John Legend Wake Up!) and it's still awesome!  This is a much more mellow groove than that on Wake Up!, but it still conveys the message with the same kind of heart.  I love the hardness of the horn hits, they're a sharp contrast against the smooth, softer background.  They really pop.  The words Roberta emphasizes are very interesting - really love her phrasing.  Love the bass line towards the end, they really play around with it - I dig.  Pretty awesome track.

Angelitos Negros:  The beginning of this track is pretty awesome.  The upright is playing a Spanish feel you would normally only expect to hear on guitar - or at least that's the only setting I tend to hear that style in.  I really dig it, the lowness of the bass gives it this whole new element of sorrow.  It's a song that pretty much asks the question as to why there are no paintings of black angels - all angels are beautiful.  Roberta really sings this beautiful, it's quite mesmerizing.  Really wonderful tone all around.  Beautiful song.

Album Factoids

First Take

Released: 1969

Genre: Funk/Soul

Label:  Atlantic

Apparently Atlantic and Roberta put this album together in 10 hours!  Let's see how them 10 hours played out.

Week 27: Roberta Flack

 This weeks suggestion comes from non other than my wonderful mother.  My dad always told me that when he heard my mom listening to any Roberta, that was his cue to stay away haha.  I think that's exactly what I need right now.  I of course know Roberta's classics, but this will be the first album of hers that I'm listening to as a whole.  I'm intrigued to see if I'll gain the same connection with Ms. Flack as my mother has.  Only one way to find out...

This Weeks Album...

mmmm... yes.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Final Grade: B+/A-

This was definitely a solid album for this week.  Got my jam on, it was good time.  "Break Out" was by far my favorite track - it's been on repeat all week.  I love to hear a band with hits, and these guys have got that down for sure.  I've gotten to see a couple of these guys play live, and they were insane, so I was in no way surprised that their live album would deliver the same result.  Solid, solid as a rock.


Click here to listen to the final full track on Live At Blue Note Tokyo!

Songs of The Day

Squadlive:  Well you can definitely tell that these two songs are ending the set - they both have that ending jam feel to them.  The hits on this one are incredible, they are super, super solid.  Got them James Brown hits goin on - oowee!  Aside from that, there's nothing spectacular about these tracks, but like I said before, they really come off as more of a jam, so I don't mind the lack of a "wow factor."

Break Out Reprise:  This is a much shorter, softer version of their highlight - obviously some type of encore.  Regardless, the original is so good, that you can't not like the reprise.  But again, nothing insane, but I'm not surprised, nor am I disappointed.