Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mobius Streak

The World it Softly Lulls

not on the interwebs!  damn them being a new group!

Leap Frog

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Songs of the Day

Mobius Streak:  This is a funky, funky opener.  I've already listened to the whole album, and this is definitely a great way to introduce their sound.  I really like what I hear in this song - lots of different, contrasting layers that weave together to make a really unique sound.  I can't say that they remind me of anyone, and I find that very refreshing.  Nai's voice is very intriguing - it's got a mysterious feel to it that I really dig.  Love the vocals that kind of sound like they're being played in reverse - adds a cool texture to the groove.  The guitar line is sick too - simple, but really holds it down.  Sweet build to the end.  Yeah, this is where it's at.

The World it Softly Lulls:  Love the latin sounding percussion and keys to open up this track - tasty.  I'm digging that this stays instrumental until half way through - lets you pay attention to the band.  Harmonies are on point - I like that they stay away from conventional harmonies, they really make you listen.  Short and simple, but super cool.

Leap Frog:  I like what you can immediately get the connection of the title to the music, and you definitely can on this one.  I instantly felt like I was in some kind of swamp or something.  Not to mention the very soft, subtle sound of a frog croaking that comes in and out of the tune.  Another short, simple instrumental - this is really more of an interlude than anything, but it's got a good groove to it and definitely proves to be cohesive.  Dig it.

Malika:  This is about to me my new jam!!  So, so funky, my god.  Love the drums on the backbeat, the openness of the groove contrasted by hard synths - it's all great.  My favorite part though, the part that gave me a stank face and made me go "oh!" is the melody.  Nai really kills it with this one.  I wish I could sing a melody into google to search, because she is quoting a classical piece, and I can't think of it for the life of me.  I asked my dad, and he thinks it's from Madame Butterfly, but he's not sure.  Anyway though, the melodic quote blows my fucking mind - she turned it into such a funky melody, I can't stand it.  Not to mention the harmonies are dope as fuck.  I'm not gonna say too much, because I want yall to listen to this one.  Yes.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Album Factoids

Tawk Tomakawk

Released: April 1, 2012
Genre: Neo-soul/future beats

Nai Palm - vocals, guitar, keys
Perrin Moss - drums, percussion, electronics
Paul Bender - bass, electronics
Simon Mavin - keys, synths, electronics

Week 72: Hiatus Kaiyote

So, my brother, Taylor told me about this band a couple months ago, and after investigating, I really dug what I heard.  Last I had checked, they only had a couple songs online, but now they've have a whole album, so I figured I should review them.  They've got a cool Little Dragon sound to them that I dig.  Looking forward to checking out some underground shit.

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