Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Take Back the Night


Drink You Away

Songs of the Day

So, another okay day for Mr. Timberlake.  I reviewed tracks 4-7 for today: "TKO," "Take Back the Night," "Murder," and "Drink You Away." 
"TKO" is definitely one of the better overall songs on the album, but it still doesn't amount to much.  The beat is pretty cool, but that doesn't really seem to be the problem on this album.  The lyrics yet again succumb to being sub par.  Starting off with Timbaland saying "she kill me with that coochie coo" is just all kinds of whack... is that supposed to be sexy?  Timbaland, have you ever referred to a woman's vagina as a "coochie coo?"  If yes, how did said female respond, because I would love to know.  Though these lyrics aren't nearly as bad as "True Blood," the play by play of how this girl is "knocking him out" is a little lame.  "I'm out for the count, yeah girl you knock me out" - like I said, it's a little lame.  The stripped down breakdown at the end is okay, but it's not really giving me anything extra (even though it sounds like they were really tryna give me a little extra).  Overall, a pretty decent song.  If I just listen to it and don't pay too much attention, I'll get down to it.
See, when I first heard "Take Back the Night" (which was the first single off the album) I was super excited because I figured that the whole part 2 was going to go with this old school, dance vibe they've got going on here.  I think they would have had much better results had the rest of the album kept with this kind of vibe.  This song is definitely the best song on the album, especially as a whole.  The groove is super tight, and the lyrics are actually not dumb.  Not to mention the horns are all kinds of funky.  Love the "and the horns say -" got em breakin down n shit.  I really love this song, it's super funky and is right up my alley.  If only the rest of the album were like this...
"Murder" is probably the most lackluster track of the day.  The beat is decent, but nothing new or fresh (especially from Timbaland).  Again, nothing great with the lyrics going on.  I feel like girls being "murder" or "killin the game" is played out ("Poison," anyone?), and he could have done some fresher shit.  Probably would have enhanced the beat had the lyrics been better.  I'm sure this will be a single simply because Jay-Z is on it (even if he's talking about Yoko Ono's vagina... no thank you).  Pretty lame verse, Jay.  The breakdown would have been cooler if Timbaland had just kept his mouth shut.  Honestly, this song doesn't do much for me.  Both times I listened to it, I got distracted and stopped paying attention.  Still not paying attention...
Thankfully, the day is saved by the final song, "Drink You Away."  Aside from "Take Back the Night," this track is the only other song I like as a full package on this album.  It's got this blues/rock thing goin on that I like.  I'm always a sucker for some good organ, and it has been provided on this track.  It's simple, and has a simple lyrical content - "I can't drink you away."  Now how many times have people felt that way?  "Don't they make a medicine for heartbreak?"  Baby, I been askin myself the same damn question my whole damn life.  The harmonies are on point.  JT is sounding really good on this one too, standing out more than on the majority of the other tracks.  I equate this as being the "That Girl" of part 2, which is a good thing, because that was definitely one of the best off part 1.  Sometimes simplicity is best... you hear that JT?