Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flu The Coop

You can listen to "Flu The Coop" on Grooveshark here.  Oh so funky!

4 On 6 - Lettuce

The internet fails me yet again.  I can't it online, nor will Youtube let me upload it.  Fail.
*** oh, nevermind!  You can listen to it on grooveshark here!!  Compare with the original below.

4 On 6 - Wes Montgomery

this is the original version
compare and contrast.

Songs of The Day

Flu The Coop:  Oh yay, the extra funkiness has returned!  This is a really good tune, really nice groove to it.  This was the "in-your-face" feel I was looking for with yesterday's tracks.  It's also got a darker feel than the rest of the tracks, which gives it a unique sound to the album.  The build-up in the beginning is pretty dope, they bring it up nicely.  These guys are just so tight, which is an ability that seems to be lacking in the majority of today's popular bands - glad to see it's still around.  Horns sound awesome, but there's no surprise there.  I really dig the hits on this one, the way they're placed throughout the band give the meter a really cool feel.  Both the sax and keys solos were on point - really, really good.  I do with the track was shorter though, but that's all.  So solid.

4 On 6:  For those of you who don't know, "4 On 6" is a Wes Montgomery tune, but you wouldn't really be able to tell by Lettuce's arrangement.  They keep the melody, but the majority the hits and chord changes are different.  But I guess that's part of the beauty in covering tracks - you get to make them your own.  Lettuce gave this track a brighter sound than the original, which I like.  I really like the soft feel of the keys on this one, they sound very sweet.  This isn't a stand out track, but it's still really good.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


There's no video for this one :( :(  So unfortunate!  Sax solo is out of this world!  If you can find it before I can, let me know!
*** Grooveshark to the rescue!  Listen "Reunion" here!

Kron Dutch

solid groove.

Songs of The Day

I dig both of today's songs, but they don't even hold a candle to yesterdays.  They both kind of sound like fillers made to give the band a chance to show off everyone's talents with excessive solos.  At least they're really, really awesome solos!

Kron Dutch:  This track definitely has a solid groove throughout, but I find it a little bland at times.  It's the same practically the whole time, and with such talented people, I wish they'd gone someplace new and different.  I wrote "generic" in my notes.  I of course mean that in the most talented sense of the word, because these guys obviously are not the standard "generic" the American populous is used to.  Awesome sax and guitar solos - these guys really know their licks!  I just wish the track was more in-your-face like the previous ones.

Reunion:  This has the same kind of flow as "Kron Dutch" and therefore makes perfect sense that they would flow right into one another.  But I have a lot of the same criticism for this track as I do for the previous - not in-your-face enough.  I think the progression is cool, but I could've gone for a lil something more.  Sax solo is killin.  Hits are on point.  Overall solid, but it ain't no "Break Out"

Question for the Populous

What kind of things, aside from just the songs of the day and the posted songs would you like to see on the blog?  Always down to shake things up and keep it fresh!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Break Out

MUST LISTEN.  this jam is just too, too good to pass up.

The Dump

so funky, oh so funky.

Songs of The Day

Break Out:  This is definitely a staple Berklee jam, I hear this song everywhere and with good reason.  This track is fucking awesome.  I think I've listened to it around five times today alone, and it's 10:07 - that's pretty long.  The harmonies on this are just so on point - those saxes do me nice.  I've been singing this all day, coming up with random songs using the melody - it's just so nice.  Can't help but move - always a great sign.  If you haven't heard this song than you really need to jump on it - it's all levels of funky.

The Dump:  This track has some seriously funky horns on it - seriously funky.  Almost can't handle it.  I love when you can hear the band getting down, you hear them having a good time through their playing.  It's just all so sexy.  Really dig the bring down with the extra trippy guitar - super cool.  Neal Evans - you are a beast at them keys.  Kind of melting over here over the awesomeness that is the organ on this track.  Funkyfunkyjamjam.

Monday, March 28, 2011


oh so funky.  so, so funky.

Songs of The Day

Intro:  And so the funk begins!  This intro build-up sounds pretty Rock-esque in the beginning, I found that pretty funny, but that ended once the horns came in.  Lettuce definitely grabs your attention with this, and that's what you really want to do with an intro, especially in live situations like this.  Solid.

Nyack:  I really like that there's a continuous flow between the intro and this track.  They'd left the audience hungry and just went right into the next course.  Adam is really killin it on this drum solo intro - very, very cool.  Love the ride bell hits.  You can't help but move when you've got a tempo like this, all up beat and wonderful.  Towards the beginning, there's a section when Neal is layin it down on the keys, right hand is holding down some funky high shit, and the left hands coming in on the hits - awesome.  The sax solo is killin, I especially like that it's only accompanied by the drums and the sporadic guitar comp.  Start with a drum solo, guess you gotta end with one too - yet again, Adam kiiiiiills it.  Insanity.  So good.

Album Factoids

Live at Blue Note Tokyo

Released:  October 20th, 2004

Genre:  Funk

Label:  Velour Records

Eric Krasno - guitar; Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff - guitar; Erick “E.D.” Coomes - bass; Neal Evans - keys; Sam Kininger - sax; Ryan Zoidis - sax; Adam Deitch - drums

Week 26: Lettuce

This weeks suggestion comes from my friend Sam (who's the guitarist to a sick funk band called Biscuits & Gravy - yall should check em out!) and he pretty much told me that this album changed his life - needless to say, I'm intrigued.  I hadn't heard of Lettuce prior to coming to Berklee, I also was unaware that they were a Berklee band until about 5 minutes ago, but from what I have heard of theirs, I really dig it.  I'm definitely tryna get down with some funk instrumental this week, it's good for the soul.  This is the first live album I'm reviewing, so I'm also excited to add that new element to the blog.  In the words of the late, great, James Brown - "we gonna have a funky good time!"

This Weeks Album...

time to get funky, yeah?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Final Grade: B-/C+

Must say, I'm disappointed.  My first listen through, I thought this was fire, but then again, I was at the gym and Radical was just background for the most part.  I really dig Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Wolf Haley's flow/swag, but the others were just kind of average.  OFWGKTA's raps are hard as fuck, and that's awesome, but the overuse of the word f****t and all of the rape imagery is a bit much.  Granted, it's all part of a persona, but still, I'm not comfortable with listenin to raps about chokin a bitch up and then leaving her in the trunk of the car - not exactly my style.  Some of the songs were definitely good and got me groovin, but collectively as an album, it was a bit lackluster.  I'm definitely going to check out my favorite members' solo stuff, they left me curious.  Pretty much, I went in with high hopes and was disappointed.  Til next time OFWGKTA...