Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Songs of The Day

Break Out:  This is definitely a staple Berklee jam, I hear this song everywhere and with good reason.  This track is fucking awesome.  I think I've listened to it around five times today alone, and it's 10:07 - that's pretty long.  The harmonies on this are just so on point - those saxes do me nice.  I've been singing this all day, coming up with random songs using the melody - it's just so nice.  Can't help but move - always a great sign.  If you haven't heard this song than you really need to jump on it - it's all levels of funky.

The Dump:  This track has some seriously funky horns on it - seriously funky.  Almost can't handle it.  I love when you can hear the band getting down, you hear them having a good time through their playing.  It's just all so sexy.  Really dig the bring down with the extra trippy guitar - super cool.  Neal Evans - you are a beast at them keys.  Kind of melting over here over the awesomeness that is the organ on this track.  Funkyfunkyjamjam.

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