Monday, March 25, 2013

Final Grade: B/B+

JT, you did not let me down with The 20/20 Experience, you certainly did not.  I love that he was able to incorporate old school with new school and everything in between.  Solid album on both JT and Timbaland's part.  I'm also loving the incorporation of The Tennessee Kids, because they are one funky backing band.  There are a few bangers on this album, like "Pusher Love Girl," "Suit & Tie," the B section of "Strawberry Bubblegum," and "That Girl," but I didn't think the album was overall consistent.  I really am not into the final 2 tracks, and there were a couple of others where I felt he was trying too hard to have a different sound, and didn't succeed.  I love the album, no doubt, I just wish he had stuck to the soulfulness that made the opening tracks so hot.  I don't know if any of these songs will have the hit power that "Cry Me a River," or "My Love" had, but these tracks are still pretty solid.  Definitely looking forward to Part II of this album in November.  The fact is, I always have and always will love Justin Timberlake.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Let the Groove Get In


this video is strange.

Blue Ocean Floor

Songs of the Day

Taking it out with the final 3 songs off the album: "Let the Groove Get In," "Mirrors," and "Blue Ocean Floor."  Unfortunately, this is definitely my least favorite.  "Let the Groove Get In" is by far my favorite song today.  It's got this afrobeat kinda feel to it that I dig - definitely a great song to dance to.  Super cool to hear some heavy percussion on a track.  The horns are up in front, which I really dig.  Good vocals on this one, especially with the harmonies.  There are a couple vocal breakdowns that a pretty sweet.  I dig this song, but the A section is way too repetitive to go on as long as it does.  I'm happy there is a B section, because a change was needed.  The B section is very MJ, which makes sense as many peg JT for his predecessor.  A cappella ending is definitely solid.  Overall, it's a really fun song, I just think it's a tad long.  I wish this song had been last, because I'm pretty disappointed by the follow-ups.  "Mirrors" is the second single off the album, and you got it when you preorded the album, so I've been in it's possession for a little bit now.  I didn't like it when I first got it, and my mind hasn't changed much on that.  It mainly has to do with the guitar sound that first comes up in the intro.  It just sounds like a very cliché effect and lick, and it degrades the rest of the tune.  Without it, I would probably like the song as a whole better, but only a little.  The beat is pretty cool, but it's a little overbearing at times.  I also find it melodically and lyrically kind of cheesy.  Cmooooon JT, I know you can do better than this.  The "you are the love of my life" part at the end is kind of cool, but it doesn't seem completely necessary.  I'm also not a fan of "Blue Ocean Floor."  It's a cool sound, but it's way too transient for JT's sound - he does better with upbeat, dance-y type shit.  It's also way too long, and therefore gets pretty boring.  The production is cool, especially all the string stuff at the end, I just don't get the purpose of this song.  Not how I would have taken the album out.  Why you gotta do that to me, JT???