Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lover of the Light

Lovers' Eyes


Songs of the Day, pt 2

Got tracks 6-8 for part 2: "Lover of the Light," "Lovers' Eyes," and "Reminder."  These are all very sweet songs, but they suffer from the same problem as the earlier songs today, in that they all sound very similar.  I was very happy to hear softer songs, but they're all soft.  I feel like the album should have dispersed these tracks in between the up beat ones to provide some more variety within songs.  They're all in very close keys as well...  Anyway, "Lover of the Light" is probably my least favorite of the day.  It's a soft song, that's nice and subtle, but there's something about the piano that I'm into - it sounds kind of corny.  I like that the pick up isn't as hard hitting as in the past songs, it differentiates it.  "Lovers' Eyes" is a very simple tune, and I think the group vocals on this one are probably the best of any of the tracks so far - these boys definitely have a knack for harmonies.  The pick up in the banjo in the second verse is cool, I like the texture it provides to the softness of the tune.  "Reminder" is definitely my favorite of the three, probably because it's the most simple and stripped down.  I like Mumford on this one, because you can really hear the emotion he's conveying.  It's a super short tune at only 2:04, but I like that about it.  Short, simple, and to the point.


Whispers in the Dark

I Will Wait

Holland Road

Ghosts That We Knew

Songs of the Day, pt 1*

Up and running, I'm reviewing the first 5 tracks off the album:  "Babel," "Whispers in the Dark," " I Will Wait," "Holland Road," and "Ghosts That We Knew."  From the start, their sound reminds me a lot of Glen Hansard, which I find awesome.  The title track, "Babel" comes out with a punch, which I really like.  It grabs your attention out of the gate, which is always good for a first time listener like myself.  They sound like they're having a lot of fun playing this song, and that's really refreshing.  Mumford has a cool tone to his voice that I dig, and the group vocals sound great and blend well together.  "Whispers in the Dark" has a very similar sound, but I like the addition of the piano, and the softness of the verses.  The banjo groove that starts in the second verse is pretty cool, it's got that down home country feel.  The tune's got a nice gradual pick up to the end that I like.  I wish there was a little more to differentiate it from "Babel," but it's still a good song.  "I Will Wait" is the biggest single off this album, and the video that I saw in class to make me want to listen to the album.  I like the feel to it, but I almost wish that this had been preceded by a slower number, just because the first three tracks off this album have such similar feels.  The lower first chorus is a nice touch, picking up as the song moves along.  I think this track has the best group vocals thus far.  Dig the addition of the horns at the end.  I can understand why this is the single off the album.  I like these guys, but even going into "Holland Road" everything is starting to sound verrrrry similar.  It's almost like one big song.  Granted, I like the big song, it would just be nice to hear a little groove switch.  I like that this track starts out soft, but it's got the same kind of build as the songs preceding it.  And coming after "I Will Wait" it almost seems like a cop out to do the same thing.  It's a good song, I'm just yearning for a switch up.  I'm really happy "Ghosts That We Knew" stays low the entire time, because the album needed it - it's different from the first four.  I like that it stays guitar and vocals for a while, and the group vocals that come in add a nice texture to it.  Soft and sweet, this one.

*I'm going to be gone tomorrow through Sunday, so instead of potentially getting behind, there will be 2 "songs of the day" posts today to cover enough ground.  The other will be coming after I'm done class.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Album Factoids


Released: September 21, 2012
Genre: Folk Rock
Label: Island (UK), Glassnote (US)
Producer: Markus Dravs

Marcus Mumford - lead vocals, guitar, drums, mandolin; Ben Lovett - vocals, keys, accordion,  drums; Winston Marshall - vocals, banjo, guitar; Ted Dwane - vocals, upright bass, drums, guitar

Week 80: Mumford & Sons

What up, week 80??? Shoulda seen you a while ago, but that's besides the point.  So, I wasn't planning on doing Mumford & Sons this week, but we watched a video of them in class yesterday, and I dug it, and seeing as they just won the Grammy for Best New Album, it only seemed appropriate.  I've been hearing about these dudes all over the place, but I hadn't given them a listen prior to seeing the video yesterday, and I liked what I heard and saw, so I figured now was a better time than ever.  I dig the look they've got going on with the 4 dudes that all sing and play instruments - it's a nice collective.  People have been freaking out about them left and right, so I thought I'd see what all the fuss was about.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Final Grade: A-

I am so happy that I finally got off my ass and listened to this EP.  Emily King has become one of my new favorites.  I like every song on this album, there's not a bad apple in the bunch.  "No More Room" is definitely my favorite song in a minute - it's been on repeat all week.  "Ever After," and "Sides" are my least favorite, but they're still overall solid tracks, I just don't like them as much as the others.  Being so short, it's so easy to listen to this album a couple times in a row, no problem.  Big ups to Jeremy Most for producing all of this, because the production of this EP is really on point.  Loved the subtle strings throughout it, they really helped fill out the sound.  I'm definitely gonna have to check out this lady live, I hear she's fantastic, and I'm all about singers who can still bring it live.  I'm mad I was so late on this album, but better late than never!  Seven is definitely gonna get recommended to everyone who talks to me.