Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Songs of the Day, pt 2

Got tracks 6-8 for part 2: "Lover of the Light," "Lovers' Eyes," and "Reminder."  These are all very sweet songs, but they suffer from the same problem as the earlier songs today, in that they all sound very similar.  I was very happy to hear softer songs, but they're all soft.  I feel like the album should have dispersed these tracks in between the up beat ones to provide some more variety within songs.  They're all in very close keys as well...  Anyway, "Lover of the Light" is probably my least favorite of the day.  It's a soft song, that's nice and subtle, but there's something about the piano that I'm into - it sounds kind of corny.  I like that the pick up isn't as hard hitting as in the past songs, it differentiates it.  "Lovers' Eyes" is a very simple tune, and I think the group vocals on this one are probably the best of any of the tracks so far - these boys definitely have a knack for harmonies.  The pick up in the banjo in the second verse is cool, I like the texture it provides to the softness of the tune.  "Reminder" is definitely my favorite of the three, probably because it's the most simple and stripped down.  I like Mumford on this one, because you can really hear the emotion he's conveying.  It's a super short tune at only 2:04, but I like that about it.  Short, simple, and to the point.

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