Friday, March 18, 2011


gotta love when the bass line uses harmonics!

Songs of the Day

Pedestal:  I think so far this is my least favorite song, but that's not really saying much.  I also don't know how long I'll feel that way, because each track grows on me more the more I listen to it.  This song just doesn't switch up as much as the other ones do, I'd started to become accustomed to that.  Regardless, this is still a very cool tune.  I really dig that the bass line uses harmonics (thanks Jaco) - that's not something you hear much in standard bass lines, so I was happy to hear that.  I'm a little indifferent about the effect on Beth's voice, but whatever.  Dig the break into the sax solo, adds a lil bit of the flavor I had been looking for.  Cool cut to Beth solo to end the track.

Biscuit:  Another solid track from Portishead.  I really dig how clean the keys sound in contrast to the muddled, dirty sound of the horns sample - very cool.  I like how the beat cuts in and out, adding and taking away different parts at random times - it adds an intriguing flare to the tune that I dig.  The track kind of has a "rainy" feel to it that I find interesting, maybe it's the scratchy, old school sound in the back.  Whatever, it's cool.  Cool slowed down vocal sample, it adds an eerie feel to the tune.  Dig the fade out.  Digdigdig.

Glory Box:  This is a great way to end this album.  The tune has a trippy, yet sexy feel to it that I really like.  It must be the Isaac Hayes (RIP) sample.  Again, Portishead manages to bring together sounds that would normally not belong together, yet they sound perfect on the track.  I love the initial wawa guitar with the strings, into the heavy rock guitar feel - very cool.  It's like the song was all pretty with the strings and echoing guitar, and then the rock feel comes in and all of a sudden the song is gritty and sexy.  Totally my kind of vibe.  Sexy guitar solo.  Really dig when the organ comes in, it's just another addition to the gritty/sexy feel.  Really awesome track, highly recommend.


straight chillin.

Glory Box

this is the song live, for some reason blogspot couldn't find the music video
awesome song, nonetheless.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


awesome beat to this one - solid.

Songs of the Day

Numb:  Both of today's tracks are super chill - Portishead has yet to do me wrong.  This right here is a phat beat.  When it started out with an organ opening, I had a feeling something good was heading my way.  The drum beat has this reversed effect to it that I find, along with the alien-like synth sounds, gives an extraterrestrial groove to the track that I really dig.  Love that the organ comes in snippets throughout the beat, it ties everything together really nicely.  Beth sound dope.  Solid.

Roads:  This may be my favorite track on the record so far - it's the perfect kind of chill.  Love the echoed effects on the keys, helps the mellow, trippy vibe.  The addition of the strings and guitar is kind of perfect - they add an element that you didn't realize was necessary to the groove until they arrived.  The strings also provide a really great build to the tune, you can hear everything moving.  Love the breakdown.  Bottom line - track kicks ass


super chill track.  highly recommend.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's a Fire

"It's a Fire"
this isn't an official video, but I found the imagery interesting

Wandering Star

"Wandering Star" live
these guys really know how to translate their songs to a live audience - impressive

Songs of the Day

Wandering Star:  This is a funky tune, and I don't mean that in terms of the genre itself, but the feel.  It's got a cool heavy bass/synth opening that stays throughout the tune and gets other elements added to it to make a really interesting beat.  You really get the "trip-hop" feel with this band, and I'm really diggin it.  Love the break with all the added sounds - real cool.  The core beat to this is really simple, but the way that it's set up, and with all of the different elements that come in, it's got a complex feel to it that I find really intriguing.  Love the organ break at the end - super fresh.  Cool tune.

It's a Fire:  This track starts out with a classical/church feel that almost seems out of place for the band, but then the drum beat drops and it all works out.  The orchestral bit they've got goin on is interesting too, I dig that they start out with it and then cut back to it every once and a while - it's a nice connecting point.  I actually dig the pretty element they've got going on with this song - it's something really different from any of their other songs, yet they still make it sound unique to them and work with the rest of the album.  Solid track.

Before the Music Dies

For all of the real music lovers out there who are appalled at the current state of the music industry, this is a MUST WATCH!


lost a legend today.  RIP homie.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It Could Be Sweet

"It Could Be Sweet"
dope track.


"Strangers" - live  
same performance as "Mysterons" live clip
**so my brother just pointed out to me that our close family friend, Jeff Carney is the bass player in all of these live videos! so awesome!

Songs of the Day

Strangers:  Man, I love the gritty opening on this track - super cool.  Not to mention the drop down to just guitar in the verse is kind of perfect.  But I love when the gritty beat comes back, it's just so edgy!  Cut to violin sample and you've added an ethereal touch to the song.  Beth yet again sounds really interesting, her tone really works for their music (but that's the point, isn't it?)  Dig the echo fade out, back into the groove for a couple measures at the end.  Really cool track!

It Could Be Sweet:  I am diggin the synth sounds on this track hardcore.  They add the perfect touch of je ne sais pas, but it really works.  The groove on this one is way more relaxed and mellow than the previous - it's nice to see that they can switch up their vibe.  Really dig the drum beat on this one, it definitely brings a hip-hop feel to it.  Keys part is neat.  Beth's voice has got a "prettier" tone to it on this one, like she's putting in a little more effort towards the quality of the sound, and it works for this track.  Again, solid track. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sour Times

"Sour Times" music video

Songs of the Day

Mysterons:  This is a very cool opening track.  Very chill, very vibed out, and very much my style.  I really dig the guitar opening, which remains throughout the track - it's got a Spanish influenced feel to it that I dig.  The beat that drops on this one is very cool - I dig the alien synth sounds they use, gives the track a nice eerie vibe to it that I dig.  The drum beat is on point with this one, nice flavor to it.  Inserted scratching is cool.  I really like the instrumental outro, definitely the right way to go out with this one.  This is a great track to just chill out to.  Dig.

Sour Times:  I love the spy movie feel this track has got to it, nice retro vibe that makes for a really interesting beat.  I'm really diggin Beth's voice - it's not the typical "pretty" sound, and it's got a haunting undertone that really works for their trip-hop sound.  I can just tell that I'm really gonna dig this album, because so far (granted, I'm only 2 songs in) everything has just got a really chilled out vibe to it.  I can imagine many a blunt has been sparked to this band, and rightfully so.  Cool synth sounds that come in at the end, adding a slightly different element to the song.  Very cool track.


Portishead performing their opening track, "Mysterons" live.  very cool.

Album Factoids

Released: October 17th, 1994
Genre: Trip-Hop
Label: Go!
Producer: Portishead, Adrian Utley

Geoff Barrow, Beth Gibbons, Adrian Utley, and (Dave McDonald)

Week 24: Portishead

This week is yet another suggestion from my big brother, Taylor.  He has yet to let me down, so I'm excited.  I've never heard of Portishead prior to this suggestions, so I'm excited to see what I've got coming for me.  I'm definitely into trip-hop, and I've definitely needed to expand my trip-hop knowledge, so this should be perfect.  Here we goooooo!

This Weeks Album...

time for some trip-hop!

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