Monday, March 14, 2011

Songs of the Day

Mysterons:  This is a very cool opening track.  Very chill, very vibed out, and very much my style.  I really dig the guitar opening, which remains throughout the track - it's got a Spanish influenced feel to it that I dig.  The beat that drops on this one is very cool - I dig the alien synth sounds they use, gives the track a nice eerie vibe to it that I dig.  The drum beat is on point with this one, nice flavor to it.  Inserted scratching is cool.  I really like the instrumental outro, definitely the right way to go out with this one.  This is a great track to just chill out to.  Dig.

Sour Times:  I love the spy movie feel this track has got to it, nice retro vibe that makes for a really interesting beat.  I'm really diggin Beth's voice - it's not the typical "pretty" sound, and it's got a haunting undertone that really works for their trip-hop sound.  I can just tell that I'm really gonna dig this album, because so far (granted, I'm only 2 songs in) everything has just got a really chilled out vibe to it.  I can imagine many a blunt has been sparked to this band, and rightfully so.  Cool synth sounds that come in at the end, adding a slightly different element to the song.  Very cool track.

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