Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tunnel Vision

Spaceship Coupe

That Girl

Songs of the Day

Got tracks 5, 6 & 7 up today: "Tunnel Vision," "Spaceship Coupe," and "That Girl."  I'm not super crazy about "Tunnel Vision."  The beat is super dope, it has Timbaland written all over it, but I'm not really a fan of JT's vocals and lyrics on this one.  He sounds good on the prechorus, and chorus, but the verses kind of bug me.  I get the concept of "I got that tunnel vision for ya," but the rest of the lyrics don't really do anything for me.  The additions to the beat at the end of the tune is cool, but the track is too long for there not to be a B section like the previous tracks.  "Spaceship Coupe" is another track with a cool opening, that goes into a different beat, but the transition is much smoother on this one.  The beat on this is definitely dope, the super low bass goes hard.  I like JT much better vocally on this one, especially the "I love it when I hear you say... sing to me" - you can sing to me any time you like, baby.  There are some cool harmonies and vocal cuts that I dig.  Sex noises at the end...way to tease me, Justin.  That's not very fair.  The breakdown is pretty cool, wassup guitar solo.  I think the mellow part at the end goes on a little too long, but still a cool tune.  I think "That Girl" might be the best song musically on the album.  JT's backed by The Tennesse Kids, and they bring it.  Man, the horns on this one - so good.  Love the guitar part as well.  Great vocals on JT's part, and the harmonies on this one are on point, especially at the breakdown at the end.  Definitely a sexy, groovin tune - it's been on repeat!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pusher Love Girl

Suit & Tie

this video is so damn sexy.

Don't Hold the Wall

Strawberry Bubblegum

Songs of the Day

Gettin this record off to a proper start with the first four tracks: "Pusher Love Girl," "Suit & Tie," "Don't Hold the Wall," and "Strawberry Bubblegum."  I was actually going to stop at three, but I couldn't help myself.  "Pusher Love Girl" is a fucking awesome way to start an album off, I can say that for sure.  A string intro to open the whole album up is so awesome on JT's part.  And to drop right into a fat groove makes it even better.  Dig the super low bass sound on this one, it holds down a serious low end.  The groove is super tight, I like that everything is on the beat - definitely holds it down.  I am so fucking happy that JT uses real horns on this album, because I have been complaining about the lack of horns in today's music.  They aren't super up front on this track, but they're still bringing it.  The hook is beyond catchy, no surprise there.  I love how hard the B section brings it, bringin out the dirty south in JT.  Dig all the chop n screw going on, especially "n now I'm just a jjjjunkie for your love."  Great way to start off the album, for damn sure.  So, I must admit that I was no a fan of "Suit & Tie" when I first heard it, but boy, does this song grow on you.  I think I was a little thrown off by the opening beat, and the "I be on my suit and tie shit" lyric sounded kind of stupid to me.  I may have had a different initial reaction if the song started with the main groove, cuz it's funky as fuck.  Really great groove to dance to.  The horns are up front on this one, and they definitely bring it.  This whole groove is so funky, while mixing hip hop, and old school...really dope.  I dig that the beat breaks down for Jay-Z's pretty dope verse, to then really break it down for the chorus.  Man, this last chorus is dope, mad props Timbaland.  Love that it brings it back to the groove with the horn hits.  Funky, funky stuff.  I love the a cappella intro to "Don't Hold the Wall," but then I get a little thrown off by the crazy Middle Eastern sounding beat that it goes into.  The beat is definitely dope, you just gotta get over the surprise.  This is such a staple Timbaland sounding beat - he loves to add little sounds in his beats, and he's got crickets going on in this one, which is pretty dope..  The drop out in the beginning of the second verse is pretty dope.  I don't like the B section of this song as much as the A.  It goes into a club beat that is pretty good, I just think its too predictable of a club beat, especially with the way JT's vocals are placed above it.  I'd still get down to it though, because the bass is going super hard.  Not my favorite of the day, but still dope.  "Strawberry Bubblegum" has another super dope opening - it sounds really old school, while still being new.  I wish the beat had stayed more in that area though, because I this beat isn't my favorite.  I like how the spaciness is being juxtaposed by a steady drum beat, but it doesn't really grab me as a groove.  I'm also not the biggest fan of JT's voice on this one, I think it might be a little too high (which is saying something for him).  The vocals on the chorus are dope though, the harmonies are tight.  Now the B section of this song...that's a whole other story.  I fucking love it.  I listen to it on it's own all the time.  The groove has this bossa thing going on in it that I really dig, and the keys are dope.   Not to mention the key bass is so funky.  JT, I would be your strawberry bubblegum any day of the fucking week.  Loooove the harmonies on this hook, especially since they remind me so much of the good ol' N'sync days (man how I miss those).  Man, this shit is funky. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Album Factoids

The 20/20 Experience

Released: March 19th, 2013 - on that day-of tip
Genre: Pop-Soul
Label: WEG/RCA
Producers: J-Roc, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Rob Knox, The Tennessee Kids

Week 84: Justin Timberlake

Man, oh man am I excited for this week!  For those of you who don't know me, I've been in love with JT since I first saw his platinum blonde curls in the "I Want You Back" video when I was 6 years old, and the love hasn't faded.  I saw his Futuresex/Lovesounds tour, and it was so fucking good, and I was sad that it had taken him so long to come out with new music, but the wait has been worth it!  He started streaming The 20/20 Experience for free on iTunes last week, so I'm a little more ahead of the game than usual, but at least I know I won't be disappointed :)  LET'S DO THIS.

This Weeks Album...

Final Grade: A-

I sure have been on an A- kick as of late - definitely not mad about that!  There was no doubt that this album was gonna be all kinds of funky, seeing as I had already been aware of AWB's funk level, but damn these Scottish men are funky!  From top to bottom, this is an awesome album.  "Work to Do" is my favorite track, which is awesome seeing as that was the song that made my mom recommend this album. The live version of "Pick Up the Pieces" is also ridiculously funky.  I was unaware prior to listening to this album that vocals were a main component, because I had mostly been familiar with "Pick Up the Pieces," which is an instrumental tune, so vocals were a pleasant surprise.  Although, I would have liked maybe one more instrumental track to really show off dem horns.  Definitely recommend for all of you who like to boogie on down!

Monday, March 18, 2013

I Just Can't Give You Up

There's Always Someone Waiting

Pick Up the Pieces (Live at Montreux Version)

Songs of the Day

Finally getting to the final 3 songs on the album: "I Just Can't Give You Up," "There's Always Someone Waiting," and "Pick Up the Pieces (Live at Montreux Version)."  I'm happy to be pickin up the pace again with "I Just Can't Give You Up" - this song gets you groovin.  The bass and drums really go in on this one, and I'm all about that.  The horns are doin great shit, as expected, keeping the lines nice n tight.  I especially love the harmonies on the chorus, I feel like they bring everything together.  All around solid track.  The groove on "There's Always Someone Waiting" provides a nice bit of sexiness, and who doesn't love some sexy?  Wawa on the guitar is the main ingredient for sexy.  The chord progression isn't as sexy as I would like it though, particularly in the chorus, but it doesn't bother me too much.  I dig that everything seems to be straight ahead, apart from the guitar - it's a nice contrast.  Solid vocals.  Not my favorite track on the album, but still good.  This Live at Montreux Version of "Pick Up the Pieces" is some funky, funky shit!  Just like the original, but they do a bunch of reharmonizations of the horn lines that give it a whole new taste of funk!  Modulations n what not.  The keys are also shown off more in this version than the single version.  Good shit.  Definitely check it out if you're a fan of the original!