Monday, March 11, 2013

Nothing You Can Do

Just Wanna Love You Tonight

Keepin' It to Myself

Songs of the Day

3 more songs up for review today: "Nothing You Can Do," "Just Wanna Love You Tonight," and "Keepin' It to Myself."  I really like the intro to "Nothing You Can Do" - gets you right in the mood.  I dig that this song is on the slower side (especially after a banger like "Work to Do") while keeping a backbeat that maintains the groove.  Group vocals are nice, and the hook is pretty damn catchy.  I think this is the best song Roger Ball on keys has been featured on - I like how upfront they are.  I actually like that the horns are doing crazy stuff on this one, it's giving everyone else a chance to shine.  Solid tune.  "Just Wanna Love You Tonight" is another track on the slower side, as it should be with a title like that - it's definitely a sexy tune.  Love the modulation in the verses, keeps that funk in it.  I dig how low everything is, nice n smooth.  The addition of the strings in the background are a nice little touch, without being overpowering.  Pick up in the chorus is subtle, but nice.  Solid slow track.  "Keepin' It to Myself" goes right along with the slower trend of today's tracks, which usually would bore me, but they've all got their own funky flare, so I don't mind.  This grooves got a beachy feel to it that I dig.  I could have definitely heard this song in a 70s movie, I wonder if it has been.  Dig the pick up into the chorus, and the harmonies are really nice.  The solo sax line is nice too.  The bass is really holdin it down on this one, definitely the main element of funk on this track.  I do wish there were some more horns on this track though, 'cause I sho do luh me some horns, and AWB has got some funky ones.  Otherwise, solid track.