Thursday, November 3, 2011

Takin a week off...

so... it's my birthday tomorrow, and I know that not much will be accomplished with the blog.   therefore, I am going to take a "week" off, and will review 2 albums next week, starting monday.  have a great weekend everybody!

Final Grade: B

This is a solid album, but I'm grading it a little tougher because I know how unbelievable EWF is.  Seeing that Jessica Cleaves is dead center on the cover, I was expected her to be featured more than she was, and I was disappointed that she wasn't.  I was also surprised when she was featured, because she sounded exactly like Phillip Bailey, and frankly, didn't bring much to the sound.  I guess that is probably why they didn't have a female singer following this album.  Solid grooves from start to finish, but I know that there is better EWF out there.  But still definitely worth the listen for those of you who don't know the album.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Songs of The Day

Zanzibar:  Only one today, and there's not too much to say about it extensively.  It's 13 minutes long, so you can see how it would be difficult to depict every change that occurs.  It's essentially a very long, funky jam with a solid latin feel.  I dig it.  It's just very long.  If you have the time, you should listen to it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The World's a Masquerade


Songs of The Day

The World's a Masquerade:  The opening high pitch in the beginning is almost impossible to stand, but they bring it down just in time to not make you want to kill someone.  It's high.  I don't think it's very necessary, but whatever.  This is a pretty solid groove, but it's not my favorite.  Since I am more familiar with EWF's sound, I know that there are songs of theirs better than this.  It's just a little overdone.  I wish they were gettin down and funky instead of staying so mellow.  It's also a little long.

Clover:  I feel the same way about this groove as I do about the previous, which is disappointing.  Not to say that they don't sound good - they are most definitely holding this groove down - I just know that they have much better material out.  Verdine is seriously holding it down though.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


awesome live performance!

Keep Your Head to the Sky

Build Your Nest Build Your Nest

So, I can't find this song anywhere, which is disappointing.  I will continue my quest.

Songs of The Day

Evil:  Now this is how you start an album.  Talk about groove.  Love the latin feel to the groove, keeps you swayin.  The mbira is incredible on this - really helps make the groove.  Everyone is holding it down - tight, super in the pocket, but what else would I expect from the greats?  Phillip Bailey, as always, sounds incredible on the vocals.  Harmonies are on point.  Solid, solid, solid.

Keep Your Head to the Sky:  This song features female vocalist, Jessica Cleaves.  EWF only had a female vocalist for three years; Sherry Scott 1970 through 72, and Jessica for 73.  This song is sang by both Bailey and Cleaves, but I really couldn't tell you who's who, because they sound insanely similar.  Love the mellow groove, and how it keeps me swayin.  Of course, my favorite part of the song is the a cappella ending.  Great harmonies!  And when it goes to the ladies super high - holy bajesus.  Craziness - I get down with it.

Build Your Nest Build Your Nest:  Funky, funky, yum, yum - that is how I feel about this song.  Just solid funk - nothing too crazy, it just about the groove and the pocket.  I love how they say "build your nest," especially "nest" with no T - they work it.  Groovin.