Thursday, May 19, 2011

... & On



relaxing tune.

Songs of The Day

... & On:  So this is pretty much "part 2" to Badu's "On & On" from her first album, Baduizm!, and I dig it.  It's the part one chopped and screwed to make a similar, but unique beat.  It's got a simple groove to it that I like, definitely helping the chill mood I'm trying to be in right now.  I think the breakdown into the jazz breakdown is pretty awesome, they transition really well into one another.  Cool.

Cleva:  I like that the previous track blends right into this groove - nice transition.  Nice, relaxed groove - I dig it.  I also can get down with Roy Ayers on the vibraphone.  It seems to be improved the whole time, which I find very cool - it adds a nice, spontaneous color to the tune.  Dig that its a solid groove throughout.  Solid.

Hey Sugah:  This is a simple little interlude.  It's got a nice jazz element that I like, and I can always dig me some jazz flute.  Pretty.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Penitentiary Philosophy

killin way to kick off the album!

Didn't Cha Know

music video.  such a killin track.

listen to The Joanna Teters Experiment version here!

My Life

Songs of The Day

Penitentiary Philosophy:  Now this is how you start off an album.  The rock groove to this is fuckin killin, and I definitely get down with it.  Great hook, really catchy and the harmonies are really great.  You can really hear Erykah gettin down on this one, and understandably so.  ?uestlove, ?uestlove, ?uestlove... why/how are you so fucking good?!  Straight up murdering the pocket on this, especially in the end!  You always knows how to hold it down!  The breakdown in the middle is cool, a nice relaxed, ethereal sound to contrast the heavy groove - I dig it, it's needed.  Dig how it just kind of jams out at the end.  So, so solid.

Didn't Cha Know:  Being one of the singles off of this album, I am rather familiar with this tune.  My brother, Taylor, definitely introduced me to this song a whiiiile back.  The bass line to this is so simple, yet oh so funky, but what else would you except from the exceptional Pino Palladino?  I also really dig the percussion going on in the back, it adds an interesting feel to the groove.  Love how laid back this tune is.  I just saw my friend, Joanna perform this with her band this past weekend, and it's been stuck in my head ever since - the line "time to save the world/where in the world is all the time" in particular.  I think the harmony line she uses in the hook is really interesting - not your standard, and I dig it.  Great track.

My Life:  The groove on this is nice and steady.  I like the chopped elements to it, like the nice lil "On & On" shout out with the one chord that pops in every once and a while - very cool.  It also enforces the hip hop element, which is kind of contrasted by the piano and strings in the beat.  Very cool.  James Poyser did a good job producing this one.  My least favorite of the day, but that's not really saying much.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Album Factoids

Mama's Gun

Released: November 21, 2000
Genre:  Neo Soul
Label: Motown/Puppy Love
Producer(s): Erykah Badu, ?uestlove (oh, hey!), J Dilla, James Poyser, Snook Young, Shawn Martin, Kerry "Krucial" Brothers, Karma Productions


Week 33: Erykah Badu

Well, I've had Erykah stuck in my head for the past two weeks, so I figured it was about time I really, really checked out Mama's Gun.  This one was suggested by a couple people, so I figure it's a safe bet.  I'm lookin to get my soul feelin good this week, and I think she might just know how to do that.

This Weeks Album...

I'm just in an Erykah kinda mood

Monday, May 16, 2011

Final Grade: B+/A-

Solid, solid album by The Budos Band.  I was down to get with some Afro beat this week, and they did not disappoint.  I think that it got a little monotonous at times.  Grooves didn't change as often as I would have liked to, and all of the songs had a similar -what I would call - "spy feel" to them.  But I dug it, so I'm really not complaining, just trying to be critical.  Super solid horn section.  Rhythm section was on point.  This is just chillin music, and I am down with that!  Definitely going to look into more of their stuff and try to catch them live if I get the chance.  Overall, really good album by an awesome band.

The Volcano Song

diggin the cartoonage!  awesome track

Across the Atlantic

solid way to go out

Songs of The Day

The Volcano Song:  This track for me is all about the rhythm section.  You know I love me some horns, and they're definitely killin on this, but I just love the groove that's goin on here.  Great organ.  Love the breaks.  Solid, solid, solid.

Across the Atlantic:  First of all, this bass/guitar parallel shit goin on is awesome.  Love how they're playing with 4 on this one, makes it sound a lot cooler than it "technically" is.  There's a simplicity to this beat that I like, something light and easy to go out on.  Killin trumpet solo.  Dig the ending vamp.  Cool way to end the album.