Friday, October 7, 2011

Opening Up (+ Ce Soir on Danse Interlude)

Momma's Boy

Songs of The Day

Opening Up (+ Ce Soir on Danse Interlude):  I must say, this isn't my favorite day of songs.  I dig this tune, it has a solid groove and is not going to keep me off the dancefloor, but I think it may be too literal 80s.  The intro reminds me exactly of "Let's Hear It for The Boy" by Deniece Williams with the placement of the claps and what not.  I like the simplicity of the groove, and the movement it provides, it's just kind of basic.  I wish they'd made a longer song out of the interlude - I felt like that groove has a little more of a modern feel to it.

Momma's Boy:  This song is fucking weird.  It came on my shuffle yesterday, and I was pretty thrown off.  It's about being attracted to people who remind you of your mom (if your a boy) or your dad (if your a girl).  Granted, according to Freud, there is truth in that, but it's just such an odd premise for a song.  Even so, this song could be redeemed with a cool groove, but that is not found here.  It's pretty cheesy, which I'm sure is kind of the point, but I'm just not feelin it.  Claps are a nice touch, I guess.  It's good that it switches to to a more rock feel towards the end, but that doesn't exactly made up for the corniness of the first 75% of it.  Not feelin it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bonafied Lovin (+ Tough Guys Interlude)

My Girl is Calling Me (A Liar)

Outta Sight

Songs of The Day

Bonafied Lovin (+ Tough Guys Interlude):  These boys are funky, I cannot lie.  The rock guitar on has a very Michael Jackson feel to it (very "Beat It" if you ask me) that I dig.  I like that it drops down to a more simple groove in the verses so that you can pay attention to the vocals and the cool rhythm they have.  Really solid dance groove on this one, but I'm starting to learn that that is precisely what these guys are around.  "Oh oh"s are sweet - a nice, simple touch.  Good layering build to the end.  I really dig the interlude as well, the chords have what I would call a "chopped distance" to them.  I guess you'll just have to listen to it to figure out what I'm talking about.  Funky.

My Girl is Calling Me (A Liar):  I dig the bass on this so hard.  Super funky.  Reminds me of "Cutie Pie" by One Way, which if you don't already know, is one badass song.  Dig the rhythm breakdowns that happen in the turn arounds - they add a nice flavor.  The longer chords in the chorus are a nice texture change from the shorter chords going on.  Love the vocal/talk box exchange verse - cool shit.  Definitely a cool tune.  I approve.

Outta Sight:  This groove very much reminds me of Prince's "1999" - even down to the the small change in the hook - but that's not a bad thing, because that song rocks.  I dig the initial simplicity to this tune, it's got a great feel to it.  This is another song that layers, and I dig it, but I think towards the end it seems to get a little overproduced, and I think it would have sounded better keeping the groove what it is around the second verse.  Dig the held out chords at the end - they add a whole new color to the tune, which really works for the ending.  Pretty good tune.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


listen to the intro here! it's pretty cool.


i want to daaaaaance

Fancy Footwork

Songs of The Day

Intro:  I can get down with this intro.  If not for the crazy synth layering they've got going on, then for the fact that they sampled my favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz.  Yup, that "Chromeo, oooh" is most definitely the same as the song the witch's guards sing when the lion, scarecrow, and tin man try to break in to save Dorothy.  Yeah, I can get down with that.

Tenderoni:  This is a pretty funky tune.  Very mid 80s r&b, and seeing that I had a serious 80s phase back in 8th grade, I definitely dig it.  Also, I've only really heard the word "Tenderoni" in a lyrical context in Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)," which is one of my favorite MJ tunes.  I also dig how "Tenderoni" is separate and put in that low octave - very cool.  I love the dance groove goin on here, I just wanna boogie.  The melody is super cool and supports the groove really well (and vise versa).  Love the volume bring down, just to bring it right back up.  And who doesn't love a song that ends on cowbell??  Solid as a rock.

Fancy Footwork:  Even though this is the title track, I must say that I prefer the previous tune.  Not to say that I don't find this song funky, because it definitely makes me want to - as the autotuned female says - two step, I just think the previous had a lil extra somethin to it.  The percussion in this is pretty awesome - I can definitely get down.  I wish the vocals were a little more prevalent, and some of the synth seems the tiniest bit crowded, but aside from that, I dig this tune.  These guys definitely know how to get feet movin.  Man, now I just wanna go dance.  Anybody wanna join??

Monday, October 3, 2011

Album Factoids

Fancy Footwork

Release:  June 19, 2007
Genre: Electronic, Dance Pop
Label: Turbo, Vice, V2
Producer: Chromeo, Tiga

David "Dave 1" Macklovitch, Patrick "P-Thugg" Gemayel

I dig the mugs.

Week 53: Chromeo

I actually meant to review this band last week, but completely forgot about it.  Anyway, I heard some of this bands stuff at my friends place the other day, and I really dug it, so I decided to check it out.  I've been in need of a new artist, and I dig the whole retro 80s comeback that's been going on in the music industry, so I'm excited to hear what these boys are about.  Bring it.

This Weeks Album...

time to get my retro 80s on

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Final Grade: A

This album is pretty funkin funky.  The Brothers Johnson most definitely knows how to hold down a groove.  I can't say I'm completely surprised seeing as this is a Quincy Jones production.  Everything is super tight, in the pocket - I seriously dig it.  I also love that there are a couple instrumental tracks on here - it really lets George and Louis shine on their instruments.  This album is great from start to finish, and it's gonna keep me groovin for quite some time.  Funk at it's finest.

Land of Ladies

funky, funky stuff

Dancin' and Prancin'

get your boogie on with this

The Devil

so tasty

Songs of The Day

Land of Ladies:  This track is pretty sick.  I love how mellow the opening groove is, and it has such a great spacey feel to it.  Segway into the more upbeat "land of ladies" groove is smooth - I dig it - right back into the initial groove.  I'm glad it turned back around to this groove, because it was too good to just be an intro.  Nice pick up in the chorus, back to mellow in the verses.  The structure of this tune is pretty cool.  Dig the bossa beat on the clave - very cool.  Solid.

Dancin' and Prancin':  This is by far the bounciest, most upbeat tune on the album so far.  I dig the serious dance groove they've got going on here.  Super pick up in funkiness in the chorus with the horn addition.  The conversation going on in the back is actually pretty cool, but I do wish it were a little more subdued.  Makes me wanna boogie. 

The Devil:  Man, this is a funky way to take the album out, but I would have expected nothing less.  I love the scary vibe the tune has, which I'm guessing is the point seeing that the song is about the devil.  The bass and guitar are oh so funky on this track!  So tasty.  Dig the distant feel in the vocals - adds great color to the tune.  Pick up in the chorus is very cool.  I love all of the little random noises going on, they work well with the tune.  Super, super funky.