Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Songs of The Day

Bonafied Lovin (+ Tough Guys Interlude):  These boys are funky, I cannot lie.  The rock guitar on has a very Michael Jackson feel to it (very "Beat It" if you ask me) that I dig.  I like that it drops down to a more simple groove in the verses so that you can pay attention to the vocals and the cool rhythm they have.  Really solid dance groove on this one, but I'm starting to learn that that is precisely what these guys are around.  "Oh oh"s are sweet - a nice, simple touch.  Good layering build to the end.  I really dig the interlude as well, the chords have what I would call a "chopped distance" to them.  I guess you'll just have to listen to it to figure out what I'm talking about.  Funky.

My Girl is Calling Me (A Liar):  I dig the bass on this so hard.  Super funky.  Reminds me of "Cutie Pie" by One Way, which if you don't already know, is one badass song.  Dig the rhythm breakdowns that happen in the turn arounds - they add a nice flavor.  The longer chords in the chorus are a nice texture change from the shorter chords going on.  Love the vocal/talk box exchange verse - cool shit.  Definitely a cool tune.  I approve.

Outta Sight:  This groove very much reminds me of Prince's "1999" - even down to the the small change in the hook - but that's not a bad thing, because that song rocks.  I dig the initial simplicity to this tune, it's got a great feel to it.  This is another song that layers, and I dig it, but I think towards the end it seems to get a little overproduced, and I think it would have sounded better keeping the groove what it is around the second verse.  Dig the held out chords at the end - they add a whole new color to the tune, which really works for the ending.  Pretty good tune.

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