Friday, September 9, 2011

Gold on Black

For Those of Us On Foot

listen here

Gore in Rut

Wheely Freed Speaks to the People

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Songs of The Day

Gold on Black:  I initially liked the groove that was going on here, but after a while, it starts to get a little more monotonous.  I'm still waiting to hear a song where the vocals are more present, because I think that they're really missing that element.  Another super heavy tune.  They need to lighten up a tad.  Loud all the time isn't that fun.

For Those of Us On Foot:  There really isn't much going on in this song.  It's pretty much bass, and some muddle sounds going on.  It's pretty random.  Oh, and there's a dog barking and growling at the end.  Hmmm...

Gore in Rut:  I dig the opening drum groove, and the groove they settle into, but that's about it for this track.  Why must they put feedback in every single one of their songs?  It's really not that pleasant.  Feedback is not good.  And it's so loud.  All of these songs are starting to sound the same.  That being said, I appreciate that this song isn't all random shit and actually has a recognizable feel to it.

Wheely Freed Speaks to the People:  STOP WITH THE FUCKING FEEDBACK ALREADY!  It's making it difficult to listen to the songs.  I would like this groove better if it weren't so loud, but I guess I'm just gonna have to get used to that because it seems to be their aesthetic. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tiger Chain

I could only find it on myspace of all places.  Silly.

Polly Bee

Sophie/A-Town Test Site

tracks 3 & 4

Songs of The Day

Tiger Chain:  Man, this is going to an interesting week.  Completely different than anything I've reviewed, which I guess is a good thing seeing as part of my mission is listening to music I'm unfamiliar with.  I don't really know how to describe the songs.  The first tune is essentially just a lot of noise (including a lot of feedback, which isn't all that pleasant for the ears) before it settles down into any kind of feel.  And I don't even know how to describe the feel.  Can't really understand what the chick is saying.  Even in all it's craziness, I do dig something in all this.

Polly Bee:  I'm glad that this song has more of an identifiable feel to it than the previous - gives your mind a nice lil break.  Blues/rock - I can get down with it.  The instruments are so tough sounding on this, and her voice is so soft - it's a cool contrast, but I do wish she were more present.  It'll take me a couple listens to get used to, but I think I could maybe get used to it. 

Sophie:  Ok, this song kind of scares me.  Very similar to the opening half of "Tiger Chain" in that I have no idea what the fuck is going on.  Honestly, I'm a little scared.  Lots of stuff... lots of stuff.

A-Town Test Site:  Some seriously intense drums start out this thing.  Talk about an attention grabber.  I'm glad they settle down though, all of that would have started to get a little more intense than I probably would have been able to handle.  The riff going on is catchy, but I wish everything didn't sound so harsh.  And why so much intentional feedback?  Hurts the head a little bit.  Again, I'll have to give it a couple listens before I can really settle into it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Album Factoids

The Man, the King, the Girl

Released: October 28th, 1997
Genre: Noise Rock, Indie Rock
Label: Kill Rock Stars

Week 49: Deerhoof

I know absolutely nothing about this band.  I needed an album this week, looked at a little list, and chose this.  I know my brother told me about them, but I can't remember anything he said.  Completely fresh ears.  Glorious.  Four people - one girl, three guys.  Oh hey, I've got the same set up!  Leh goooo.

This Weeks Album...

I'm curious.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Final Grade: B-

I was really hoping this album was going to be better than it was.  For a debut, it's a pretty decent album, but I'm looking forward to seeing what else Thundercat can come up with.  His sound doesn't seem quite settled, but that's not surprising.  Definitely great bass lines going on here, but that's to be expected seeing as Thundercat is a beast bassist.  I don't think he should sing as much as he does.  Maybe is my critical ear being a singer myself, but it wasn't always my favorite thing to listen to.  Sometimes, it'd be a killin groove, and I'd really get into it, and then he'd start singing, and then I wouldn't feel it anymore.  I'm still gonna look out for this cat though, see what he's gonna do with his sound.



Mystery Machine (The Golden Age of the Apocalypse)

listen HERE

Return to the Journey

Songs of The Day

Goldenboy:  I really like this groove - very mellow, laid back, and makes you feel relaxed.  The harmonies are great.  The only issue I have is small, but it makes a significant difference.  There's a muddled sound on a lot of the instruments (I thought that maybe something was wrong with my headphones, but I tried on my friends and it sounded the same) that kind of ruins the smooth feel of the groove.  It makes everything sound just that more irritating.  If that effect weren't there, this would be much more enjoyable tune too listen to.  And if the end weren't so abrupt. 

Walkin':  This has got an 80s soul feel to it that I dig.  The strings are especially nice when they come in.  That being said, I don't really like his singing on it.  I dig the "lala"s though - they provide some very nice harmony.  I think a female voice would have sounded really cool on this.  Decent.

Mystery Machine (The Golden Age of the Apocalypse):  This song is fucking weird.  Sounds like the soundtrack to a reeeeeally old horror film.  Definitely in black and white and whoever is definitely walking through the woods right now scared shitless.  That's what I see.  Still weird.  Even stranger is the fact that this is the title track.

Return to the Journey:  This is a super mellow track to take the album out.  It's a little too mellow in the beginning, but it makes up for it with a cool string build at the end.  Interesting harmonies.  Dig all of the different sounds going on right now.    Not the best way it could have gone out, but ok.