Monday, September 5, 2011

Songs of The Day

Goldenboy:  I really like this groove - very mellow, laid back, and makes you feel relaxed.  The harmonies are great.  The only issue I have is small, but it makes a significant difference.  There's a muddled sound on a lot of the instruments (I thought that maybe something was wrong with my headphones, but I tried on my friends and it sounded the same) that kind of ruins the smooth feel of the groove.  It makes everything sound just that more irritating.  If that effect weren't there, this would be much more enjoyable tune too listen to.  And if the end weren't so abrupt. 

Walkin':  This has got an 80s soul feel to it that I dig.  The strings are especially nice when they come in.  That being said, I don't really like his singing on it.  I dig the "lala"s though - they provide some very nice harmony.  I think a female voice would have sounded really cool on this.  Decent.

Mystery Machine (The Golden Age of the Apocalypse):  This song is fucking weird.  Sounds like the soundtrack to a reeeeeally old horror film.  Definitely in black and white and whoever is definitely walking through the woods right now scared shitless.  That's what I see.  Still weird.  Even stranger is the fact that this is the title track.

Return to the Journey:  This is a super mellow track to take the album out.  It's a little too mellow in the beginning, but it makes up for it with a cool string build at the end.  Interesting harmonies.  Dig all of the different sounds going on right now.    Not the best way it could have gone out, but ok.

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