Saturday, June 18, 2011



Go Ladies

Songs of The Day

2u4u:  I really feel this beat, very cool.  The pitch modulation is what makes it for me, adds a cool flavor to it.  I wish the lyrics could add to that element of cool...  Really, how is it that nothing has stuck out for me lyrically?  Aren't rappers meant to be poets?

CB4:  Now this song by far has the funniest hook, "felatio interference, promiscuous homosapiens." BAHAHA!  I'm assuming the "CB" in the title stands for "cock block" seeing as that's the main subject of the lyrics.  Wonder what the 4 is for...  whatever, it's hilarious.  I like the beat (the guitar sample in particular), but I don't think it's anything super incredible, or on the same level as some of the other tunes on the album.

Go Ladies:  This beat has a cool, water-like type sound to it that I can get down with.  It's got a nice fluidity to it.  I don't really like how they sound on this track though, something about their voices isn't doin it for me on this track.  It'd help if I could understand an ounce of what they were talking about.  I actually wish the outro beat on this one would have been made into a full song, it's got a pretty sweet sound to it.  Decent way to end the album, but they could have done better.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Raise It Up


Eyes Up

Songs of The Day

Raise It Up:  At first, I thought they were saying "Based God" and I was about to be real confused as to how Lil B had been associated with Slum Village.  Obviously, they're not saying that, and are in fact saying the title of the song, so confusion is over and done with.  I must say, this is my least favorite beat so far.  It's almost too gamer and cartoon like, which can definitely be cool and work, but it doesn't do anything for me in this. Eh.

Players:  This is a chill beat, and a nice refresher from the previous tune.  Nice n mellow, just like I like it.  I like the voice distortion on the vocal sample, very cool.  Dilla's really good at appropriate cuts to add texture to his beats, and I really dig it.  It adds emphasis in a cool way.  I do wish that I had more of a connection to the lyrics though.  Even though they're not my favorite part of any tune, it'd be nice to hear some lines pop out at me...

Eyes Up:  Ooo, some funky guitar - I can get down with that.  I'd say this is the funkiest beat thus far, not my favorite, but the funkiest nonetheless.  Nice heavy, but not overpowering bass.  Tasteful bass is a skill lacking in the current production world.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Climax (Girl Shit)


Fall In Love

Get Dis Money

Songs of The Day

Climax (Girl Shit):  [From yesterday] This is a pretty sweet beat.  I like the smooth, ethereal feel to it.  Unfortunately, it gets downgraded when the chick (unnamed) starts singing.  I am not a fan of her voice.  I guess it kind of works for the more alien like feel that gets added to the hook, but as a singer, I'm not a fan of her voice.  None of these songs have gotten to me lyrically, and I don't know how I feel about that... Good thing I'm in love with the beats.

Untitled/Fantastic:  This might be my favorite beat so far.  Very smooth, relaxed feel, with a heavy back beat.  There's some kind of sample in the beginning that I find pretty cool, but I can't make out exactly what it is.  Again, can't understand a single thing they're saying.  Even after I looked up the lyrics, I was still fairly confused.  My brother explained to me that their incomprehensiveness was a little bit of their shtick - their music is more about the beats.  And hey, I can't really hate on that, because I listen to the beats first and the lyrics second.

Fall In Love:  Mmmmm "Don't sell yourself to fall in love" - love it.  Pretty solid beat, lovin the smooth bass line on this one.  I feel like maybe I should just stop attempting to write about the lyrics unless something pops out at me (like the hook).... sounds good to me.  I can't say I don't like it though, because all of their tones, and the phonetics of their words work really well with the beat - it's musical. 

Get Dis Money:  I have actually heard this song before.  I don't remember why or where, but I remember it.  Catchy hook - who doesn't wanna get paper?  The "Come Run To Me" Herbie Hancock sample is pretty sweet, works well with the beat.  This is just super relaxed and makes me feel prepared to conquer the day.

Conant Gardens

I Don't Know


Songs of The Day

Intro:  An intro should be a short ditty that sums up what you're about to hear, and make the listener want to continue on with the album - this achieves just that.  With a fat bass line, and killin keys, I was immediately intrigued and ready to start the rest of the album.

Conant Gardens:  I really love the simplicity to this beat, just simple drum and bass.  The samples that come in in the chorus are pretty funky as well.  Very subtle, but definitely heighten the feel.  I read the lyrics for this tune, and without them, I would not have and a single clue as to what they were saying.  None of the lines really knocked me out, but this feels like an introductory type of tune, which isn't really an excuse, but I won't sign em off just yet.

I Don't Know:  The James Brown sample in this song is a line said very often in my household, so I had a soft spot for this from the start.  I loved the chopped feel of this tune, especially with the James Brown cuts - they're very tastefully done.  The guitar sample is pretty awesome, and I love that it get's played out in the end.  "I don't know why the fuck I'm fuckin withchu" - how often has that been said?  So relatable.  Again, no serious stand out lines, but it's catchy and works well.

Jealousy:  Wrote about "Climax" instead of this yesterday... oops.  Again sweet beat, but I can't understand a single thing anyone is saying.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Album Factoids

Fantastic Voyage, Vol. 2

Released: June 13, 2000
Genre: Hip Hop
Label: GoodVibe
Producers: Jay Dilla, Pete Rock, D'Angelo <<< uh oh... am I about to get my mind blown??

T3, Baatin, Jay Dilla

Week 37: Slum Village

This weeks suggestion is another of my brothers, and he has yet to do me wrong, so I'm gonna trust his judgement.  I'd never heard of Slum Village prior to his suggestion, and I still don't really know anything about them, so this will definitely be a learning experience.  It'll be nice to dive into some completely new territory this week - it's been a while. 

This Weeks Album...


Monday, June 13, 2011

Final Grade: B+/A-

Head Hunters is a pretty sweet album.  Herbie really knows how to put swag in his songs (case in point, "Watermelon Man")!  The band was on point the whole way through, and you could hear their connection through their songs.  I had issues with the length of the tunes, I thought they could've done better with some time editing, but they with solid grooves, it's hard to really be affected by that.  I also thought that "Vein Melter" was a pretty weak way to end the album, it just didn't do the previous tunes justice.  But aside from that, it's seriously solid.