Friday, June 17, 2011

Songs of The Day

Raise It Up:  At first, I thought they were saying "Based God" and I was about to be real confused as to how Lil B had been associated with Slum Village.  Obviously, they're not saying that, and are in fact saying the title of the song, so confusion is over and done with.  I must say, this is my least favorite beat so far.  It's almost too gamer and cartoon like, which can definitely be cool and work, but it doesn't do anything for me in this. Eh.

Players:  This is a chill beat, and a nice refresher from the previous tune.  Nice n mellow, just like I like it.  I like the voice distortion on the vocal sample, very cool.  Dilla's really good at appropriate cuts to add texture to his beats, and I really dig it.  It adds emphasis in a cool way.  I do wish that I had more of a connection to the lyrics though.  Even though they're not my favorite part of any tune, it'd be nice to hear some lines pop out at me...

Eyes Up:  Ooo, some funky guitar - I can get down with that.  I'd say this is the funkiest beat thus far, not my favorite, but the funkiest nonetheless.  Nice heavy, but not overpowering bass.  Tasteful bass is a skill lacking in the current production world.

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