Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nubian Lady

Lowland Lullabye

unfortunately, there are no videos of this song online, but you should definitely check it out.

Songs of the Day

Only two songs to start off this album, "Nubian Lady," and "Lowland Lullabye," so it's gonna be a short review day.  "Nubian Lady" is a pretty groovy way to start the album off.  Sounds like I should be strolling down the street in the 70s with this playing behind.  I could definitely picture this being in a movie back then, probably a blaxploitation film.  Dig that Yusef is nice and prominent in the forefront - you definitely know this is his track.  I really like what the keys are doing in this, especially how they harmonize with Yusef on the flute.  Yusef definitely has a dope solo going on here, I think the middle eastern flare he throws on a couple riffs is a nice touch on things.  A cool tune, but I think it might go on just a tad too long, as it becomes a little repetitive at 6:39.  Otherwise, solid way to start off the album.  I think "Lowland Lullabye" is a pretty cool tune.  It's only Yusef and cello, and the two together have a eerie, Native American sound going on.  Even though the track is very simple, something about it draws you in and grabs your attention.  I find the cello being the only accompaniment very interesting, doesn't seem like something you hear very often.  It's a good thing this track is on the short side (2:20), because I don't think it would have been able to be as effective were it longer.  Cool self harmonizing by Yusef at the end.  Good day of tracks.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Album Factoids

The Gentle Giant

Released: 1972
Genre: Jazz
Label: Atlantic
Producer: Joel Dorn

Week 85: Yusef Lateef

I felt like doing an instrumental album this week, and my mom suggested I listen to Yusef Lateef's The Gentle Giant, so I obliged.  Every album she's suggested so far has been great, so I'm going to listen to her on this one.  She's also my mother, so I should always listen to her.  I've never even heard of Yusef outside of my mom's mentioning him (she's mentioned him on a couple of occasions), and I'm looking forward to hearing what this flautist has to offer.

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