Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Songs of the Day

Only two songs to start off this album, "Nubian Lady," and "Lowland Lullabye," so it's gonna be a short review day.  "Nubian Lady" is a pretty groovy way to start the album off.  Sounds like I should be strolling down the street in the 70s with this playing behind.  I could definitely picture this being in a movie back then, probably a blaxploitation film.  Dig that Yusef is nice and prominent in the forefront - you definitely know this is his track.  I really like what the keys are doing in this, especially how they harmonize with Yusef on the flute.  Yusef definitely has a dope solo going on here, I think the middle eastern flare he throws on a couple riffs is a nice touch on things.  A cool tune, but I think it might go on just a tad too long, as it becomes a little repetitive at 6:39.  Otherwise, solid way to start off the album.  I think "Lowland Lullabye" is a pretty cool tune.  It's only Yusef and cello, and the two together have a eerie, Native American sound going on.  Even though the track is very simple, something about it draws you in and grabs your attention.  I find the cello being the only accompaniment very interesting, doesn't seem like something you hear very often.  It's a good thing this track is on the short side (2:20), because I don't think it would have been able to be as effective were it longer.  Cool self harmonizing by Yusef at the end.  Good day of tracks.

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