Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Summertime

Do You Realize

Songs of The Day

It's Summertime:  The opening of this tune has got a cool bouncy-like bass thing going on that I dig.  It's got a cool feel to it.  I wish the groove had embodied that feel more than the country-ish vibe it's got going on.  It's a cool groove, but I think it's a little too happy.  The bass made me think that the song was going to have a harder feel to it, so I was a little disappointed it didn't go in that direction.  I do dig the layers going on - they provide a great build - but I think it starts to sound a little cluttered.  Decent tune, but there've been better.

Do You Realize:  I'm gonna go ahead and take a guess that this is their most popular song off of this album.  I know I've heard it in more than one movie or commercial.  It's definitely got a sweet feel too it.  I wish the groove was a little quieter, more subdued.  It kind of sounds like the melody is being swallowed up, whereas if everything were turned down about 4 notches, it would really shine.  A build to the opening dynamic level would have been good, but I think it just comes out of the gate too heavy.  Dig the drop out section - nice focus on the vocals.  I dig the song, I think it's sweet, but I think a little editing could have made the song shine even more.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Battles, Pt 2

In The Morning of the Magicians

Are You a Hypnotist

Songs of The Day

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Battles, Pt 2:  So, if part one was the set up, part two is the battle.  It sounds like a comic book battle in song form.  I dig it.  It's got a pretty sweet dub set element to it that I find to be pretty modern, which is interesting seeing that this album came out seven years ago.  Dig the hits.  Love the counteracting ascending and descending lines going on - they add a nice color.  Pretty sweet instrumental tune.

In The Morning of the Magicians:  I like how this and the previous tune meld into one another.  This must be the victory celebration.  I love the sweet build the intro has into a very simple, soft groove - very cool.  I like that the two grooves play back and forth with one another.  Their difference makes the shifts into one another more significant.  Like the simplicity of the melody.  There's a nice flow to the whole thing.  Being the longest tune on the album at 6:19, the tune could have felt dragged along and monotonous, but they did a very good job of using the length properly.  Very sweet.

Are You a Hypnotist:  This has a pretty interesting groove to it, but I think it loses some of its gusto with the addition of the acoustic guitar.  It makes it sound too similar to some of the other tunes on the album, and I think that it still holds very well without it it.  Dig the echo effect on the vocals - very appropriate to the feel.  I also dig the little rock flavor that gets added with the power chords that make an appearance every once and a while.  B section is a little too poppy for my taste.  The tune is pretty good, I just think a couple of things could have been edited to make it more unique to the other songs.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fight Test

One More Robot / Sympathy 3000-21


Yoshimi Battles the Pink Battles, Pt 1

Songs of The Day

Fight Test:  This is a solid pop song to start the album with.  I like the upbeat, happy feel it's got to it.  Starting happy is never a bad thing.  Steven Drozd is holding it down on the drum beat though - very solid.  It's got a funkiness to them that counteracts the pop.  The ethereal, open feel they've got going on is pretty - I like how light it is.  The layering and slight echo of the vocals in the chorus add only enhance the open feel of the tune.  I think the strangeness of the beginning and end help make this feel over-the-top pop.  Sweet opening.

One More Robot / Sympathy 3000-21:  The intro and outro remind me of an old horror film.  I find it very cool.  I like that this is a much more mellow groove than the previous - it's a nice switch up.  I like all of the different sounds going on.  The layering has a very "outer space" feel to them.  The bass line is pretty funky, thank you, Michael Ivins.  Really holds it down.  The pick up/switch to major in the chorus is very cool.  I wasn't expecting the song to go that route, but the surprise made me happy.  It's a really well made B section.  I wish the vocals were a liiiiittle bit clearer, but I feel like their distance is also a significant part of the feel of the tune.  Though they aren't real, the strings at the end of the tune are tasteful.  It does remind me a tiny bit of the soundtrack to Final Fantasy V though.  Regardless, this is a very cool tune.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1:  I am not surprised that the title track has very silly lyrics, infact I would have expected nothing less.  This song reminds me a lot of the first, which I'm not sure is the best thing so early in the game.  I think going a little less poppy would have worked better here.  It's almost a little too happy.  The synth sounds they use to counteract that happiness are pretty cool though.  It's a cute song, but my least favorite of the day so far. 

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Rotos, Pt. 1:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Album Factoids

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

Released: July 15, 2002
Genre: Psychadelic Pop
Label: Warner Brothers
Producer: The Flaming Lips, Dave Fridmann, Scott Booker

Week 51: Flaming Lips

This week's suggestion comes from my lovely roommates Dom and Charley.  Looked at them on the couch, asked them to come up with an album suggestion, and they gave me this, so I'm gonna do it.  I am only familiar with a couple Flaming Lips tunes, and I would probably only be able to identify them by sound - I don't think I could actually name them.  So, I guess I have pretty fresh ears on this one, which is always fun.  Also, this album title fucking rocks, so they've already got a plus.  Here I go.

This Weeks Album...


Monday, September 19, 2011

Final Grade: A-

This is one funky album.  Talk about a tight band - they really know what's good with time.  They've also got the build thing dooooown.  So down.  Lydia has a really great rock voice that gives a nice grit to the groove.  I really loved "If You Will" and "Let Me Down Easy" - they both made me go "ugh" (in the best way possible).  I thought that a couple songs went on a tad too long, but that was the only major criticism I had of the album.  Definitely a solid funk/rock group.  Definitely going to check more out from Cold Blood.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm a Good Woman

Super solid upbeat groove.  Listen here.

Let Me Down Easy

This song makes you go UGH.  LISTEN TO IT.

Watch Your Step

Pretty solid closer.  Listen here.

Songs of The Day

I'm a Good Woman:  This is a pretty cool tune.  I really dig the call and response intro with Lydia a cappella and the horns - great way to start the tune.  Dig the upbeat feel.  Rod Ellicot aka the bad mother fucker on the bass is doin this song real dirty.  Walking allll over the place!  Love it.  Man, this horn section is tight.  There's a lot of power in this song, makes you pay attention.  Solid.  Love that it goes seamlessly into the next song.

Let My Down Easy:  Oh boy, this song... this song is all kindsa nice.  Love the opening with the piano trill - very mysterious, very intriguing.  Organ sounds awesome.  The horns really make this tune - they control the dynamic of the tune.  They're soft and subtle, and then they punch you in the face in the chorus.  Got me over here with a stank face when they bring the song up - too, too funky.  And the bring down?  My God.  Lydia's grit really sells this tune - you believe her when she's pleading.  Great fade out.  This whole thing is just so, so tasty.  May be my favorite...

Watch Your Step:  This is a pretty solid way to close out the album.  Great up beat feel that you can really groove too.  Love the long intro before Lydia comes in - it really shows off the band.  Man, oh man is this horn section tight.  So, so tight.  Ridiculous.  Funny that the tune feels happy when the lyrics are the exact opposite of that.  Lydia, killin as always.  Solid.