Friday, September 23, 2011

Songs of The Day

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Battles, Pt 2:  So, if part one was the set up, part two is the battle.  It sounds like a comic book battle in song form.  I dig it.  It's got a pretty sweet dub set element to it that I find to be pretty modern, which is interesting seeing that this album came out seven years ago.  Dig the hits.  Love the counteracting ascending and descending lines going on - they add a nice color.  Pretty sweet instrumental tune.

In The Morning of the Magicians:  I like how this and the previous tune meld into one another.  This must be the victory celebration.  I love the sweet build the intro has into a very simple, soft groove - very cool.  I like that the two grooves play back and forth with one another.  Their difference makes the shifts into one another more significant.  Like the simplicity of the melody.  There's a nice flow to the whole thing.  Being the longest tune on the album at 6:19, the tune could have felt dragged along and monotonous, but they did a very good job of using the length properly.  Very sweet.

Are You a Hypnotist:  This has a pretty interesting groove to it, but I think it loses some of its gusto with the addition of the acoustic guitar.  It makes it sound too similar to some of the other tunes on the album, and I think that it still holds very well without it it.  Dig the echo effect on the vocals - very appropriate to the feel.  I also dig the little rock flavor that gets added with the power chords that make an appearance every once and a while.  B section is a little too poppy for my taste.  The tune is pretty good, I just think a couple of things could have been edited to make it more unique to the other songs.

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