Friday, February 1, 2013

Old School Rules

A.T.H.F. (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)

Basket Case

No Names (Black Debbie)

Songs of the Day

Today's just an okay day of songs, with tracks six through nine, "Old School Rules," "A.T.H.F. (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)," "Basket Case," and "No Names (Black Debbie)."  I'm happy "Old School Rules" starts the day off, because it's probably my favorite of the four tracks.  Although, I am rather curious as to why Talib Kweli isn't featured on the track, seeing as he has a verse and does the hook... whatever, it's always nice to hear a familiar voice.  Talib provides his usual coolness, surpassing Doom on this one.  The beat definitely has an old school flare (which is only appropriate) with the horns and what not - I dig it.  Probably the least goofy track thus far, which is good and bad. I love "A.T.H.F." by default, because I've loved that show since I was in sixth grade (not that I understood half of the humor), so it's really funny hearing Meatwad and Carl doing a little something.  And who doesn't love a rap about silly cartoons??  The beat is minimal, which I dig, but again, nothing crazy lyrically.  "Basket Case" has a really cool beat, might be one of my favorites of the album, and I think it suits Doom's flow really well.  What's up, Harvey Birdman?  You's a funny man.  I don't think I'm high enough to be listening to this album.... "No Names (Black Debbie)" has a cool 60s mystery feel to it that I dig. Honestly, Scooby Doo was the first thing that came to mind hearing it, which probably isn't the worst thing seeing as this album revolves around cartoons.  Yeah...I definitely am gonna have to smoke something before I listen to tomorrows final batch of tunes.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

El Chupe Nibre

Sofa King

The Mask (ft Ghostface Killah)

Perfect Hair

Benzi Box

Songs of the Day

So, today we're starting from the top of the album with the first five tracks: "El Chupe Nibre," "Sofa King," "The Mask (ft Ghostface Killah)," "Perfect Hair," and "Benzi Box."  From the start, it's pretty evident that this isn't going to be an album that I go to for some serious lyrical insight, but it's really goofy, and I'm down with that.  "El Chupe Nibre" is definitely a cool way to start the album off from a production perspective, but that is no surprise coming from Danger Mouse.  I really dig the old school feel the beats got, and MF Doom's flow sits well on top of it.  "If you're gonna hate, at least get your rumors straight" is my favorite line, but I think Master Shake's appearance at the end steals the show.  "Sofa King" is probably my favorite song of the day.  The beat is really on point, I dig what the violin sample brings to it.  Everything about the production grabs me on this one.  I recognize this episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force ("I am sofa king we todd ed"), which makes me happy.  I find it really awesome that Ghostface Killah is on this album, because he is definitely that dude, and he brings it on "The Mask."  This beat is dope - it's got a 60s kind of vibe to it that I definitely get down with, and I like how in your face everything is.  The transitional part of the beat is also really cool, and brings some anticipation for Ghostface's verse.  "My money green like my nickname was celery" - it probably is, Ghostface.  Dig the trippy with Brak from Space Ghost's little feature.  Man, this is silly.   "Perfect Hair" is a short little diddy, but I get down with it.  Again, cool beat, and Doom's flow is pretty cool.  Nothing lyrically pops out at me, but that was to be expected. I really love all of these Adult Swim characters making appearances in the songs, and Master Shake makes this one for me.  What a goofy...shake.  "Benzi Box" is probably my least favorite song of the day, but I still think it's cool.  Production wise, it's my least favorite as well, but I dig the bass sounds, and the simplicity of everything.  Nice to hear a song with a hook, something I can hold on to.  Overall, a solid day.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Album Factoids

The Mouse and the Mask

Released: Feb 21, 2006
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Producer: Danger Mouse
Label: Epitaph Records, Lex Records

Week 78: Danger Doom

This week's suggestion comes from the bestest guitar player in the world (who just happens to be in my band), Finnegan Singer.  Danger Doom is a collaboration between producer Danger Mouse, and rapper MF Doom, both very talented artists.  The album is based off of Adult Swim, which is possibly my favorite TV station, so it seems rather appropriate to review.  Finn played me a couple tracks on the bus last night and I really dug them, so I'm looking forward to getting into the whole shebang.  Looks like it's time to get silly.

This Weeks Album...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Final Grade: B/B+

This is a pretty solid album by Brazillian artist, Céu (props to the lovely Joanna Teters for the introduction).  Céu has a very lovely tone that is inviting to the listener - it gave me a nice fuzzy feeling.  I really dug the mixture of jazz and electronic that went on within the production of the tunes, giving the album a unique feel that I found very interesting.  I mentioned this, but throughout the album I kept thinking back to when I reviewed Dummy by Portishead - she definitely had that kind of feel, but with a lesser electronic influence.  I found the first half of the album to be more interesting than the latter, which was unfortunate.  It sucks being super intrigued and excited about an album when it starts out, and then not having those same feelings by the time the album ends.  Some of the electronic elements got a little unbalanced, and they didn't seem to fit in with the songs as they had in the beginning of the album.  Having such a strong start with songs like "Lenda" and "Rainha," I would have hoped that momentum would have kept through for the rest of the album.  Regardless, I would recommend this album to anyone interested in Brazillian music that has a little bit of a hip-hop and electronic feel to it.  Céu has a beautiful voice, and I will definitely continue to listen to this album.