Thursday, January 31, 2013

Songs of the Day

So, today we're starting from the top of the album with the first five tracks: "El Chupe Nibre," "Sofa King," "The Mask (ft Ghostface Killah)," "Perfect Hair," and "Benzi Box."  From the start, it's pretty evident that this isn't going to be an album that I go to for some serious lyrical insight, but it's really goofy, and I'm down with that.  "El Chupe Nibre" is definitely a cool way to start the album off from a production perspective, but that is no surprise coming from Danger Mouse.  I really dig the old school feel the beats got, and MF Doom's flow sits well on top of it.  "If you're gonna hate, at least get your rumors straight" is my favorite line, but I think Master Shake's appearance at the end steals the show.  "Sofa King" is probably my favorite song of the day.  The beat is really on point, I dig what the violin sample brings to it.  Everything about the production grabs me on this one.  I recognize this episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force ("I am sofa king we todd ed"), which makes me happy.  I find it really awesome that Ghostface Killah is on this album, because he is definitely that dude, and he brings it on "The Mask."  This beat is dope - it's got a 60s kind of vibe to it that I definitely get down with, and I like how in your face everything is.  The transitional part of the beat is also really cool, and brings some anticipation for Ghostface's verse.  "My money green like my nickname was celery" - it probably is, Ghostface.  Dig the trippy with Brak from Space Ghost's little feature.  Man, this is silly.   "Perfect Hair" is a short little diddy, but I get down with it.  Again, cool beat, and Doom's flow is pretty cool.  Nothing lyrically pops out at me, but that was to be expected. I really love all of these Adult Swim characters making appearances in the songs, and Master Shake makes this one for me.  What a goofy...shake.  "Benzi Box" is probably my least favorite song of the day, but I still think it's cool.  Production wise, it's my least favorite as well, but I dig the bass sounds, and the simplicity of everything.  Nice to hear a song with a hook, something I can hold on to.  Overall, a solid day.

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