Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Final Grade: A

Hiatus Kaiyote has gotten me the most excited about new music, probably since I discovered Little Dragon last fall.  I pretty much have been listening to Tawk Tomahawk exclusively since Saturday - I'm on my 3rd listen today, and it's only 4:30 - they seriously have something special to offer.  They have a similar vibe to Little Dragon, which is probably why I like them so much, but they most certainly have their own sound that is fresh and unique.  I love their blend of jazz, soul, latin, electronic, and everything in between - it's a serious melting pot that sounds oh so soothing to the ears.  Love the tamber of Nai's voice - she really has her own gritty, yet soulful sound that I really dig.  The harmonies she comes up with are some of the freshest things I've heard in a minute.  From start to finish, I'm in love with this album, but "Malika" and "Ocelot" are really the gems at the center of it all.  "Malika" is honestly one of the smartest songs I've heard in awhile (quoting an opera?? How often do you hear that?? Never), and I can't get enough of it.  It's safe to say that I've listened to it at least 5 times today alone, probably more like 10 (as it starts to play...).  And "Ocelot" - my goodness that beat is funky!  It almost makes me mad that it's so short, because I need more, but that's essentially how I feel about the album.  Literally the only problem I have with this album is that it's too short, because I'm over here yearning for more.  Hiatus Kaiyote gives me faith in new music.  This is my new obsession, and everyone should make it theirs before Hiatus explodes and I have to say "I told ya so."

Monday, April 9, 2012

Rainbow Rhodes

this is that shit!

Sphynx Gate

nice lil diddy


great ender, right here

Songs of the Day

Rainbow Rhodes:  This is another short instrumental interlude, but it really holds its own.  I dig that "Lace Skull" bleeds seamlessly into this track - always nice to have 1 or 2 of those on an album.  The title for this is so appropriate as well as the rhodes really does show a lot of color - I dig it.  The groove is simple, but it holds it down - kinda sounds like something my brother would write, to be honest, and that is such a good thing.  Bender gettin heavy on that bass, and I'm lovin it.  Again, great harmonies from Nai, but that has come as no surprise.  I wish there was more, but I actually dig that this one is just a little teaser.  Super solid.

Sphynx Gate:  Hiatus Kaiyote gets down on their instrumental interludes, and I dig it.  This kind of sounds like a slight continuation of the previous tune, but still with it's own thing.  I like that.  It makes it cohesive, without sounding repetitive - it's like a "part 2" of sorts.  Love the ease to this one - it's very laid back and relaxed, but still so funky.  It really keeps your interest, and that's important.  Dig the keys, big time.  Again, solid.

Nakamarra:  This is the most straightforward soul song on the album, and I like that they ended it that way.  It's a nice, smooth, light song that helps you come to terms with the fact that all this funkiness has come to an end.  Such a sad though, but so happy to hear it on such a solid note.  Love the freeness Simon is giving the keys - gives the groove a nice open feel to it.  I feel like I should be walking through a park or something.  Love the hits on "honey don't cha" - nice emphasis.  Simple harmonies in the chorus - dig em.  What a nice ending to such a great album.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Boom Child

too cool for the interwebs :(

Lace Skull

This shit rocks.

Songs of the Day

Ocelot:  I have probably listened to this song about ten times today alone.  My biggest problem is that it's way to short for my liking - I need this funkiness to be at least 5 minutes, none of this 1:23 business - I need more!  The intro, the groove, the vocals - everything fucking rocks.  I really love the melodies in this one, especially in the "my, my, myyys" - oh my goodness, they are so awesome.  Such smart harmonies! They have a really cool, unique sound, and I am diving head first into it.  Gah, this song rocks.  Listened to it 4 times just during this review alone.

Boom Child:  Again, very cool groove.  I dig the heavy, kind of dirty rock feel it has to it - it's different.  I like that the vocals are kind of just doing their own things, it adds to the mystique of the song.  This is a track that works well as a shorter, interlude type, especially since the groove doesn't really switch much.  Though, it would be interesting to hear an extended version of this track.  I dig iiiiiit.

Lace Skull:  I heard this track about a month ago, and it got me so excited to hear more, little did I know that this barely scratched the surface.  I really like that there are no effects on Nai's vocals on this one - nice to hear her voice nice and clear.  Guitar line is ├╝ber cool, the piano is sweet, the groove switches.  There are so many things about this song that rock that I can't even begin to write them all down.  I love the fact that these guys aren't afraid to really explore their sound and take their music places, because it is a kick ass adventure.