Sunday, April 8, 2012

Songs of the Day

Ocelot:  I have probably listened to this song about ten times today alone.  My biggest problem is that it's way to short for my liking - I need this funkiness to be at least 5 minutes, none of this 1:23 business - I need more!  The intro, the groove, the vocals - everything fucking rocks.  I really love the melodies in this one, especially in the "my, my, myyys" - oh my goodness, they are so awesome.  Such smart harmonies! They have a really cool, unique sound, and I am diving head first into it.  Gah, this song rocks.  Listened to it 4 times just during this review alone.

Boom Child:  Again, very cool groove.  I dig the heavy, kind of dirty rock feel it has to it - it's different.  I like that the vocals are kind of just doing their own things, it adds to the mystique of the song.  This is a track that works well as a shorter, interlude type, especially since the groove doesn't really switch much.  Though, it would be interesting to hear an extended version of this track.  I dig iiiiiit.

Lace Skull:  I heard this track about a month ago, and it got me so excited to hear more, little did I know that this barely scratched the surface.  I really like that there are no effects on Nai's vocals on this one - nice to hear her voice nice and clear.  Guitar line is über cool, the piano is sweet, the groove switches.  There are so many things about this song that rock that I can't even begin to write them all down.  I love the fact that these guys aren't afraid to really explore their sound and take their music places, because it is a kick ass adventure.

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