Thursday, October 20, 2011

Something To Hold On To

You're All I Need (Feels Like Heaven)

Gotsta Be Cool

Songs of The Day

Something To Hold On To:  This is a pretty solid tune to open up with.  I'm sure there's better tracks on the album, but if this is the standard Bilal is trying to uphold, I'm down with it.  The groove is cool, nice n solid.  Dig the short horn parts, they add a nice little punch of something.  I don't really like the strings, but I'm sure I would if they were real.  You can hear that they're fake, and it bugs me.  Bilal is definitely holding down the vocals.  Love the  harmonies going on in the hook and throughout the tune.  Nice fade to the end.  Like I said, solid track to start off on.

You're All I Need (Feels Like Heaven):  I really dig this beat.  It's very interesting and definitely not something that I feel like I've heard before, which is always refreshing this day in age.  Love the echo and delays going on with the beat and in Bilal's voice.  He's got a great distance in his voice that really works with the groove.  I didn't initially like the piano that comes in, but I really dig it now.  It gives the beat a nice happy feel to it with its short and simple chords.  Love, love all of the vocal layering going on in the hook - very cool - they add a great fullness to it.  Dig the piano foolery at the end.  Very, very cool tune.

Gotsta Be Cool:  The fact that the word "gotsta" is in the title made me love this tune before I even listened to it.  I really dig the chopped blues rock feel this groove has got goin on.  Very heavy, definitely holds it down.  Love how minimal the guitar part is - the groove is all about the back beat.  Ethereal feel in the bridge is pretty cool, and I dig the way the A section weaves into the end of it so seamlessly.  Very cool groove, but it definitely trails on too long at the end - a solid 45-60 seconds could be cut off the end.

Album Factoids

Love for Sale

Released:  2006 bootleg (was leaked online after being deemed "unmarketable" by Interscope)
Genre: Soul
Label: Interscope/Universal
Producers: Bilal, Nottz

mmmmm :)

Week 55: Bilal

Man, am I excited to get into this weeks album.  Tuesday night, I went to go see my brother play, along with José James and Robert Glasper (talk about a killin bill) and during Glasper's set, he had special guest Bilal come and sing two tunes.  Fucking killed it.  I've heard Bilal's stuff here and there, but I've never taken a listen to one of his albums.  After seeing him, and since I will be seeing him again at Berklee next week, I figure there is no better time than now.  My brother recommended that I review this album, which was never released by the studio.  Underground shit, I'm down with that. 

This Weeks Album...

oh buddy

Monday, October 17, 2011

Final Grade: A

I don't think I can find anything fundamentally wrong with this album.  All of the grooves are on point, and there is a mixture of a lot of different feels.  I wish that Roy had featured himself on the vibes a little more, but regardless, the grooves sound great and I'm feeling good the whole time.  Such a great blend of different feels, I love that there was some synth incorporated to give a little futuristic vibe to a couple tracks.  "Memory" may be my favorite, but it's hard to stay.  Great album, highly recommend.


Moving, Grooving

Baby You Give Me a Feeling

Songs of The Day

Vibrations:  This is probably the most low key tune on the whole album, and I can get down with that.  It's nice to finally hear the vibes in the forefront, given that that is Roy's main game.  I like that the vibes and horns are paralleling one another, it gives the melody a nice weight.  Diggin the female that comes in just for some "good vibration" vocal lines - sounds like she's just doin her own thing and havin a good time with it.  Sweet vibes solo.  Nothing crazy about this tune, but it's still a solid mellow groove, so I dig it.

Moving, Grooving:  It would have been funny if this were a mellow tune, but obviously with this title it wasn't going to be.  I'm all about this super up tempo groove.  Yes, Roy, I would like to move and groove.  Definitely some funky stuff goin on here.  Horns are super tight on this, which is always a plus for groovin tunes.  Percussion is great.  Dig the male/female vocal lines.  It sounds like everyone's jammin and having a good time, and I am right there with them.  I think it fades out too fast, but that's about it for the criticism.  To quote the tune, "I just feel like groovin!"

Baby You Give Me a Feeling:  Mmmm, I can get down with this.  Love the simplicity and space in this groove - so cool.  I like that hits are slightly behind the beat - that's always a funky touch.  Dig that the synth and bass are paralleled - it really holds the groove down.  Are those strings or just a synth?  I can't really tell.  Whatever, they are a great minimal aspect that help a lot with the beat.  There is no reason this groove should be as short as it is - I WANT MORE!  Groovin way to end the album.