Monday, October 17, 2011

Songs of The Day

Vibrations:  This is probably the most low key tune on the whole album, and I can get down with that.  It's nice to finally hear the vibes in the forefront, given that that is Roy's main game.  I like that the vibes and horns are paralleling one another, it gives the melody a nice weight.  Diggin the female that comes in just for some "good vibration" vocal lines - sounds like she's just doin her own thing and havin a good time with it.  Sweet vibes solo.  Nothing crazy about this tune, but it's still a solid mellow groove, so I dig it.

Moving, Grooving:  It would have been funny if this were a mellow tune, but obviously with this title it wasn't going to be.  I'm all about this super up tempo groove.  Yes, Roy, I would like to move and groove.  Definitely some funky stuff goin on here.  Horns are super tight on this, which is always a plus for groovin tunes.  Percussion is great.  Dig the male/female vocal lines.  It sounds like everyone's jammin and having a good time, and I am right there with them.  I think it fades out too fast, but that's about it for the criticism.  To quote the tune, "I just feel like groovin!"

Baby You Give Me a Feeling:  Mmmm, I can get down with this.  Love the simplicity and space in this groove - so cool.  I like that hits are slightly behind the beat - that's always a funky touch.  Dig that the synth and bass are paralleled - it really holds the groove down.  Are those strings or just a synth?  I can't really tell.  Whatever, they are a great minimal aspect that help a lot with the beat.  There is no reason this groove should be as short as it is - I WANT MORE!  Groovin way to end the album.

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