Friday, September 30, 2011


Free and Single

listen to this funky groove here!

Come Together

Songs of The Day

Tomorrow:  I'm loving that there are multiple instrumental tracks on this album.  I believe I've actually heard this track before as well, but that doesn't really surprise me.   I'm diggin all the flute that's been on this album so far - funky.  The switch in the futuristic B section is oh so cool.  That synth is mighty funky for the two notes it's playing.  This whole groove is just so laid back and mellow, but still holds it down.  I wonder if Quincy arranged this.  Dig the guitar paralleling the flute the second time around.  Very cool track.

Free and Single:  This has a happy feel to it that I dig.  The "ya ya ya"s are a very cool vocal riff - you don't hear enough of those anymore.  Funky horns in the B section.  Man oh man is that bass funky - thank you Mr. Louis "Thunder Thumbs" Johnson.  Solid groove throughout.  Diggin the free and single lady message goin on here.  Bring down at the end is very funky.  Dig it.

Come Together:  So this is a cover of one of the greatest Beatles songs ever, and Lightin Licks and Thunder Thumbs do it justice!  I love the sultry feel they give it while keeping the darkness of the Beatles version.  Everything is very subdued, and I dig it.  Their interpretation of the guitar lick is really cool.    Love the addition of the harmonica.  Solid, solid tune.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'll Be Good to You

be good to meeeee!

Thunder Thumbs and Lightnin' Licks

how can you deny a title like this?

Get The Funk out Ma Face

good lord, this is funky.

Songs of The Day

I'll Be Good to You:  And the brothers now how to start off an album!  I was actually already familiar with this tune, but it's still tasty every time.  I love how smooth the whole thing is - very low key, but still heavy on the funk.  Bass is holdin it down - as they should be.  The hook on this is so sweet, especially with the repetition - it really puts an emphasis on the groove, not to mention the harmonies are awesome.  Dig the high keys in the second verse.  Everybody continues to build, but the pocket and the subtlety of the groove is never lost.  Such a steady back beat - super consistent throughout.  Oh, so nice.

Thunder Thumbs and Lightnin' Licks:  Ah yes, an instrumental track, and oh how funky it is.  These boys really know how to lay it (not that I'm at all surprised with a back bone like Quincy).  Really dig the horns - super tight.  And flute??  Oh, hey!  Get funky with it!  My only qualm is that it may be a tad long, just a tad.  Sweet groove switch at the end.  I can dig it.

Get The Funk out Ma Face:  My, oh my do I love this song.  Like I said before, this song is the reason I decided to review this album this week.  This groove is just so tasty!  So delicious!  I love the hits on "then you'll know exactly how to groove" - so funky.  And the high "outta ma faaaaace" - love it!  No, Brothers Johnson, do NOT get the funk out ma face, it's too good.  If you don't know this song, a, you should be ashamed, and b, you better listen to it now.

Album Factoids

Look Out for #1 (their debut!)

Released: 1976
Genre: Soul/Funk
Label: A&M Records
Producer: Quincy Jones <-- oh hey!

Week 52: The Brothers Johnson

Oh hey, time to get into some funky stuff.  I've been listening to a couple Brothers Johnson tunes this week, and seeing that this album was an early one suggested by my mom, I figured why not?  I only know a couple tunes from these guys, so I'm excited to dive into a whole album.  Oh yes, oh yes.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Final Grade: B/B+

This was a pretty sweet album.  They've got the psychedelic-pop thing down.  I think that the "pop" half got in the way a couple times.  The acoustic guitar was a little over done and made some songs sound too similar to one another at times.  Some songs also sounded a little cluttered at times.  Aside from that, I really liked a lot of the ideas that are going on in this album.  The songs have great a great feel and great movement that you don't find in a lot of typical "pop."  Some great layering and great builds in this as well.  I think my favorite song was probably "One More Robot / Symphany 3000-21" - I really dug the mellow feel, and I think The Flaming Lips probably would have benefited having a tune or two more like this one.  Solid.

Monday, September 26, 2011

All We Have is Now

Approaching Pavonis Mons By Balloon (Utopia Planitia)

Songs of The Day

All We Have is Now:  This is a pretty sweet tune.  Very subdued, very low key - I like it.  The last couple tunes have sounded a little cluttered, so it's nice to have something more stripped down.  I dig the keys paralleling the melody - since the melody is so simple, the addition of the keys gives it a little more pop.  The slight speed up in the B section is very cool, probably because it's so subtle.  Dig it.  This is a good song to just relax to.  I can get down with it.

Approaching Pavonis Mons By Balloon (Utopia Planitia):  My goodness, this song has quite the name!  I guess that's appropriate for a final tune, or any tune for that matter.  I'm not quite sure how I feel about this song, it will probably take a couple listens before I get into it.  It's definitely got a cool groove - very spacey and out there, which I like - but like some previous tunes, it starts to get too cluttered and overwhelming and I begin to lose the elements of the song that I like.  The pitch bend in the drums is cool.  I also like the juxtaposition between the rock guitar and the harp - very cool.  I'm not really sure how I feel about the horn part - I think that may be where I feel like it starts to get too cluttered.  I definitely hear how this is a cool groove, but I think it needs some editing, especially being the final tune of the album.