Thursday, September 29, 2011

Songs of The Day

I'll Be Good to You:  And the brothers now how to start off an album!  I was actually already familiar with this tune, but it's still tasty every time.  I love how smooth the whole thing is - very low key, but still heavy on the funk.  Bass is holdin it down - as they should be.  The hook on this is so sweet, especially with the repetition - it really puts an emphasis on the groove, not to mention the harmonies are awesome.  Dig the high keys in the second verse.  Everybody continues to build, but the pocket and the subtlety of the groove is never lost.  Such a steady back beat - super consistent throughout.  Oh, so nice.

Thunder Thumbs and Lightnin' Licks:  Ah yes, an instrumental track, and oh how funky it is.  These boys really know how to lay it (not that I'm at all surprised with a back bone like Quincy).  Really dig the horns - super tight.  And flute??  Oh, hey!  Get funky with it!  My only qualm is that it may be a tad long, just a tad.  Sweet groove switch at the end.  I can dig it.

Get The Funk out Ma Face:  My, oh my do I love this song.  Like I said before, this song is the reason I decided to review this album this week.  This groove is just so tasty!  So delicious!  I love the hits on "then you'll know exactly how to groove" - so funky.  And the high "outta ma faaaaace" - love it!  No, Brothers Johnson, do NOT get the funk out ma face, it's too good.  If you don't know this song, a, you should be ashamed, and b, you better listen to it now.

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