Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Super Rich Kids

Pilot Jones

Crack Rock



Songs of the Day

Focusing on tracks 6-11 today: "Not Just Money," "Super Rich Kids," "Pilot Jones," "Crack Rock," "Pyramids," and "Lost."  The stand out for me is definitely "Super Rich Kids" - it's been on repeat since Friday.  I love the emphasis it has on every beat, giving the song a lost of weight.  It's pretty fresh lyrically as well.  Good to hear Earl Sweatshirt back in the game, I always thought he had the most talent in OFWGKTA.  I'm not 100% on this, but I'm pretty damn sure that the talking track in the back of this song is the same as "Got to Give It Up (pt 1)."  If anyone can confirm this for me, that would make me feel really awesome.  The rest of the songs of the day are pretty good.  It's a little weird hearing Ocean belt "crack rock" the first couple times you hear the song, but you get used to it, and the song grows on you.  The only thing I really dislike in today's group is the first breakdown in "Pyramids" - it's got this weird 90s club vibe to it that feels dated and just plain weird.  I don't think it fits with the vibe of the song or the album at all.  The song redeems itself in its ten minute length though, so I suppose that makes up for some of it.  "Lost" is a pretty good song as well, good harmonies.  "Super Rich Kids" holds it for me though - I can't get enough!