Saturday, April 23, 2011

Band Preview

a little preview of my untitled band (+ a couple horns) getting down to our original.
Finn singer (@finneganbsinger) on guitar, Taylor Robinson on drums, and Charley Ruddell on bass.
more to come soon!

Maybe She'll Dream of Me

so, so good. so good.

Don't Wait (ft Darien Brockington)

this has some old school swag

Make Me A Fool (ft Jesse Boykins III & Median)

so solid.

Songs of The Day

Maybe She'll Dream Of Me:  Well, off the bat I knew I was gonna like this track cuz the groove is just oh so funky on it's own.  I dig the vocal doubling that goes on in this track; some subtle harmonies, good backgrounds - everything works.  Dig the rap break, it's a nice little addition that had yet to occur on the album, and I'm glad it did - it's tasteful.  Really catchy track, I would probably say it's the most commercial thus far, but in the best way possible (like the general public that seems to be obsessed with shit would actually like this bit of quality).  Had me groovin the whole time.  Dig.

Don't Wait (ft Darien Brockington):  This has an old school beat to it that I dig.  Simple, laid back, with a funky drum beat.  Simple melody/concept, but I dig it - it really works for the groove.  I wish it switched up a little at some point though - I was waiting for a serious break down, and I didn't get it (minus the little bit at the end, which I dug).  Darien is a nice vocal addition to the song, but I like Phonte's voice/style/swag better. 

Make Me A Fool (ft Jesse Boykins III & Median):  What ever is going on with this off beat synth sound is fucking awesome.  Gotta love those little off things that really make a groove.  Diggin this funky little ditty - rockin groove.  Dig the context of the song.  Oh hey Jesse, I like you!  Very sweet tone.  Same with Median.  This is a really solid ending song.  Sweet groove, sweet harmonies.  Dig the beat switch up at the end, it's a nice slow down.  Mmmm, this lil coda is all kinds of synth sexy!  Dig.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Eyes To The Sky

All Roads

Fight For Love

Songs of The Day

Eyes To The Sky:  I find the melody on this one really interesting - it has a nice contrast against the chords.  I would cut out the fake flute that comes in before the chorus, it doesn't really add much.  The build-up in the chorus is really great, and I seriously dig those harmonies.  So you have a thing for harmonies, Phonte?  I can most definitely get down with that.  This is a short tune, but it'll have you goin the whole time.

All Roads: I love how seamlessly the previous track transitioned into this.  I didn't even realize it was a different track until almost 30 seconds in. This track confuses me in that it's very simple, but very complex at the same time, but I can't really describe how (take a listen for yourself).  Dig the play with meter.  Great harmonies, yet again.  I could do without the female voices at the end, I much prefer Phonte's.  Again, great build up, and I like that it just falls at the end into a cool lil guitar interlude.  Dig.

Fight For Love:  This song is good, but so far it's my least favorite.  I really like the meter play going on, and structurally it goes some pretty interesting places, but some of the instrumentation isn't my favorite.  I think a different piano sound would have suited the song a little better - it sticks out too much.  I'm finding that I'm writing the same thing about all three of todays songs - "I love the harmonies" and "I dig the build-up."  Aight, so they've got a staple or two - everyone has em.  It's not my favorite now, but I could see myself warming up to this track.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Last Fall

awesome way to start off the album


official music video
awesome title track!

Songs of The Day

The Last Fall:  Now this I can get down with!  It's kind of alien-like with touches of 80s and pretty.  I dig!  I really dig Phonte's voice, he's got a tone that I really dig.  Love the opening synth  and heavy kick drum - very cool.  Then it breaks down and gets all pretty n shit - oh man how I love the contrast!  The harmonies are pretty on point as well.  I'm just gettin down listenin to it!  Solid.

Authenticity:  The back beat to this is pretty interesting - it's got a gritty feel to it that I dig.  I'm getting an 80s undertone from these guys that I can definitely get down with (I went through a serious 80s phase a couple years back).  Again, very nice vocals from Mr. Phonte, along with very nice harmonies.  All of the synth sounds on this track I can really get into - nothing too cheesy, and they all fit together very nicely.  Great fade out.  Holla.


So week 9 got me obsessed with Little Dragon, so Finn Singer and I decided to do an acoustic cover of one of their best tracks off their debut album - "After the Rain" Check it and lemme know what you think!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Album Factoids

Released: October 12, 2010
Genre: R&B/Neyo-Soul
Label: Foreign Exchange Music
Producer: Nicolay
Phonte Coleman, Nicolay

Week 29: The Foreign Exchange

Oh my, the final week of the 20s - how time flies!  This week's is yet another from Ahmir, and prior to his previewing me a track or two today, I've never heard any of their stuff.  Thought I'd just dive in - why not.  He says they're kind of like the precursor to Little Dragon (aka my favorite band of the moment), so I'm definitely down with that.  Leh gooooo!

This Weeks Album...

oh yea.

Shameless Self-Promotion

So this is an acoustic recording of a song that I wrote a couple weeks back.  The guitarist (Finn Singer) and I are in an untitled band, and will be posting a full band recording soon.  Any and all feedback is appreciated :)

*we got requests for a better lit video, so we happily obliged :)

Final Grade: B+

I really enjoyed this album, it was much different than I was expecting.  That being said, I think I would've preferred what I was expecting.  "Blue Orchid" really set the tone - a great opening track - and I wish that the album had more of that style from start to finish.  But that's not to say that I didn't like the album, because I definitely did.  I loved how they juxtiposed the soft, sweet tones with mini bits of heavy rock put in them.  It gave a really cool tone to a lot of their songs.  I got a little tired of the saloon feel, but that wasn't til I got to the end of the album.  Overall, really good stuff from Jack and Meg White - it's unfortunate The White Stripes are no longer.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

As Ugly As I Seem

sweet live

Red Rain

i'm lovin all these live clips of them!

I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet)



Songs of The Day

As Ugly As I Seem: I really dig the pure simplicity to this track (acoustic guitar/percussion/voice) - it's very sweet.  That being said, I think the song is a little too long for how simple the song is.  I wish that there would have been a different bridge or something.  Dynamics create build ups at times, but nothing enough to hold my attention.  But aside from that, I think it's a street track.

Red Rain:  I am liking this heavier rock feel they've got going on in this track.  Especially the way it's juxtiposed to the softer initial verses.  This was kind of the feel I was hoping to hear the entire album, but I like that I get it in snippets.  The bring down in the middle is very cool, and it's got a really great build up to it.  Jack's bluesy feel to his guitar sounds really great on this track. You can definitely hear his stylistic influences in this track.  Very cool.

I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet):  This is a nice soft piano ballad to end the album.  It's got a serious saloon feel to it, but it works aesthetically with the rest of the album.  Jack's got a lil bit of a southern twang in this, which I find amusing, but hey -it works.  He does a nice job of building up the song with dynamics and the phrasing of the piano.  Solid track.