Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Songs of The Day

The Last Fall:  Now this I can get down with!  It's kind of alien-like with touches of 80s and pretty.  I dig!  I really dig Phonte's voice, he's got a tone that I really dig.  Love the opening synth  and heavy kick drum - very cool.  Then it breaks down and gets all pretty n shit - oh man how I love the contrast!  The harmonies are pretty on point as well.  I'm just gettin down listenin to it!  Solid.

Authenticity:  The back beat to this is pretty interesting - it's got a gritty feel to it that I dig.  I'm getting an 80s undertone from these guys that I can definitely get down with (I went through a serious 80s phase a couple years back).  Again, very nice vocals from Mr. Phonte, along with very nice harmonies.  All of the synth sounds on this track I can really get into - nothing too cheesy, and they all fit together very nicely.  Great fade out.  Holla.

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