Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Marilyn Monroe

Brand New (Duet with Justin Timberlake)

my jaaaaaam



Songs of the Day

Yay, starting a new album!  Got the first four tracks up for review today:  "Marilyn Monroe," "Brand New," "Hunter," and "Gush."
A little string intro is always a nice way to start off an album, especially when the track is named after bombshell "Marilyn Monroe."  I've never known Pharrell to be an incredible lyricist (Seeing Sounds, anyone?), but his production skills make up for it.  Really dig that the strings go into a funky groove - definitely gets down.  Wouldn't take Pharrell to be the type to have a diary, or, if he did, start said diary with "dear diary," but whatever.  He "just wants a different type of girl," which is cool, gotta give the normal ladies a chance.  If only you weren't already taken... *snaps out of daydream* Anyway, the groove is definitely the strong point of this tune, and I can certainly get down with it.  Gotta love a good groove.
Um ok, I can seriously get down with this "Brand New" groove, and the fact that my boo JT is on it only makes the track that much better!  I also love that this is listed as a "Duet with Justin Timberlake," versus "featuring."  Off the bat the groove reminds has a MJ "Workin Day n Night" feel to it that I really dig.  Man, this is a tasty track!  Love the single guitar line, and the horns (yummy) in the back, the percussion, the "doo doo"s in the background, the mother fucking BASS - it's all so funky!  The way it mellows out after the chorus is great.  Ok, this is my new jam!
So "Hunter" immediately reminds me of that INXS song "Need You Tonight," and I am totally ok with that.  I like how minimal the beat is while remaining mad groovy.  I knew I could count on Pharrell to get funky with it!  "Duck Dynasty is cool n all/but they got nothin on a female's call/I'm a hunter" - oh you silly Pharrell, track is still dope tho.  Like that it goes to the V chord just for a second, it breaks up what could have potentially felt like a somewhat monotonous groove.  Dig it.
Of course "Gush" is keeping right along with the soul/funk groove - thank you, Pharrell!  But I must say, you should be a little concerned if a girl lights her ass on fire...just saying, not the best thing to ask a female to do haha.  I will get dirty with you though (as I'm sure maaaaaaany women would), so that is a fair question.  I so was not expecting the strings B section, but I'm so down with it - it's a nice little switch up, especially how it blends back into the groove.  Bass is holding it down.  I dig it, I dig it, I fucking dig it.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Album Factoids


Released: March 3, 2014 (Today!)
Genre: Soul/Neo-Soul
Label: Columbia
Producer: Pharrell (duh)

Week 91: Pharrell

Went on iTunes to try and figure out what album to do this week, and Pharrell's new record was right up front, so I figured "why not?"  He's the biggest producer in the game right now (and has been for quite some time), definitely the top producer I want to work with at the moment, and I'm sure this album will show off all his talents.  I'm an NERD fan, but this is the first of his solo records I've picked up ("Frontin" is still my jam tho), and I hope it shows some more of that soul that he's been bringing back into top 40.  Leh do dis.

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