Saturday, April 23, 2011

Songs of The Day

Maybe She'll Dream Of Me:  Well, off the bat I knew I was gonna like this track cuz the groove is just oh so funky on it's own.  I dig the vocal doubling that goes on in this track; some subtle harmonies, good backgrounds - everything works.  Dig the rap break, it's a nice little addition that had yet to occur on the album, and I'm glad it did - it's tasteful.  Really catchy track, I would probably say it's the most commercial thus far, but in the best way possible (like the general public that seems to be obsessed with shit would actually like this bit of quality).  Had me groovin the whole time.  Dig.

Don't Wait (ft Darien Brockington):  This has an old school beat to it that I dig.  Simple, laid back, with a funky drum beat.  Simple melody/concept, but I dig it - it really works for the groove.  I wish it switched up a little at some point though - I was waiting for a serious break down, and I didn't get it (minus the little bit at the end, which I dug).  Darien is a nice vocal addition to the song, but I like Phonte's voice/style/swag better. 

Make Me A Fool (ft Jesse Boykins III & Median):  What ever is going on with this off beat synth sound is fucking awesome.  Gotta love those little off things that really make a groove.  Diggin this funky little ditty - rockin groove.  Dig the context of the song.  Oh hey Jesse, I like you!  Very sweet tone.  Same with Median.  This is a really solid ending song.  Sweet groove, sweet harmonies.  Dig the beat switch up at the end, it's a nice slow down.  Mmmm, this lil coda is all kinds of synth sexy!  Dig.

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