Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Final Grade: B/B+

This was a pretty sweet album.  They've got the psychedelic-pop thing down.  I think that the "pop" half got in the way a couple times.  The acoustic guitar was a little over done and made some songs sound too similar to one another at times.  Some songs also sounded a little cluttered at times.  Aside from that, I really liked a lot of the ideas that are going on in this album.  The songs have great a great feel and great movement that you don't find in a lot of typical "pop."  Some great layering and great builds in this as well.  I think my favorite song was probably "One More Robot / Symphany 3000-21" - I really dug the mellow feel, and I think The Flaming Lips probably would have benefited having a tune or two more like this one.  Solid.

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