Friday, September 30, 2011

Songs of The Day

Tomorrow:  I'm loving that there are multiple instrumental tracks on this album.  I believe I've actually heard this track before as well, but that doesn't really surprise me.   I'm diggin all the flute that's been on this album so far - funky.  The switch in the futuristic B section is oh so cool.  That synth is mighty funky for the two notes it's playing.  This whole groove is just so laid back and mellow, but still holds it down.  I wonder if Quincy arranged this.  Dig the guitar paralleling the flute the second time around.  Very cool track.

Free and Single:  This has a happy feel to it that I dig.  The "ya ya ya"s are a very cool vocal riff - you don't hear enough of those anymore.  Funky horns in the B section.  Man oh man is that bass funky - thank you Mr. Louis "Thunder Thumbs" Johnson.  Solid groove throughout.  Diggin the free and single lady message goin on here.  Bring down at the end is very funky.  Dig it.

Come Together:  So this is a cover of one of the greatest Beatles songs ever, and Lightin Licks and Thunder Thumbs do it justice!  I love the sultry feel they give it while keeping the darkness of the Beatles version.  Everything is very subdued, and I dig it.  Their interpretation of the guitar lick is really cool.    Love the addition of the harmonica.  Solid, solid tune.

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