Thursday, October 20, 2011

Songs of The Day

Something To Hold On To:  This is a pretty solid tune to open up with.  I'm sure there's better tracks on the album, but if this is the standard Bilal is trying to uphold, I'm down with it.  The groove is cool, nice n solid.  Dig the short horn parts, they add a nice little punch of something.  I don't really like the strings, but I'm sure I would if they were real.  You can hear that they're fake, and it bugs me.  Bilal is definitely holding down the vocals.  Love the  harmonies going on in the hook and throughout the tune.  Nice fade to the end.  Like I said, solid track to start off on.

You're All I Need (Feels Like Heaven):  I really dig this beat.  It's very interesting and definitely not something that I feel like I've heard before, which is always refreshing this day in age.  Love the echo and delays going on with the beat and in Bilal's voice.  He's got a great distance in his voice that really works with the groove.  I didn't initially like the piano that comes in, but I really dig it now.  It gives the beat a nice happy feel to it with its short and simple chords.  Love, love all of the vocal layering going on in the hook - very cool - they add a great fullness to it.  Dig the piano foolery at the end.  Very, very cool tune.

Gotsta Be Cool:  The fact that the word "gotsta" is in the title made me love this tune before I even listened to it.  I really dig the chopped blues rock feel this groove has got goin on.  Very heavy, definitely holds it down.  Love how minimal the guitar part is - the groove is all about the back beat.  Ethereal feel in the bridge is pretty cool, and I dig the way the A section weaves into the end of it so seamlessly.  Very cool groove, but it definitely trails on too long at the end - a solid 45-60 seconds could be cut off the end.

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