Monday, April 9, 2012

Songs of the Day

Rainbow Rhodes:  This is another short instrumental interlude, but it really holds its own.  I dig that "Lace Skull" bleeds seamlessly into this track - always nice to have 1 or 2 of those on an album.  The title for this is so appropriate as well as the rhodes really does show a lot of color - I dig it.  The groove is simple, but it holds it down - kinda sounds like something my brother would write, to be honest, and that is such a good thing.  Bender gettin heavy on that bass, and I'm lovin it.  Again, great harmonies from Nai, but that has come as no surprise.  I wish there was more, but I actually dig that this one is just a little teaser.  Super solid.

Sphynx Gate:  Hiatus Kaiyote gets down on their instrumental interludes, and I dig it.  This kind of sounds like a slight continuation of the previous tune, but still with it's own thing.  I like that.  It makes it cohesive, without sounding repetitive - it's like a "part 2" of sorts.  Love the ease to this one - it's very laid back and relaxed, but still so funky.  It really keeps your interest, and that's important.  Dig the keys, big time.  Again, solid.

Nakamarra:  This is the most straightforward soul song on the album, and I like that they ended it that way.  It's a nice, smooth, light song that helps you come to terms with the fact that all this funkiness has come to an end.  Such a sad though, but so happy to hear it on such a solid note.  Love the freeness Simon is giving the keys - gives the groove a nice open feel to it.  I feel like I should be walking through a park or something.  Love the hits on "honey don't cha" - nice emphasis.  Simple harmonies in the chorus - dig em.  What a nice ending to such a great album.

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