Sunday, January 27, 2013

Final Grade: B/B+

This is a pretty solid album by Brazillian artist, Céu (props to the lovely Joanna Teters for the introduction).  Céu has a very lovely tone that is inviting to the listener - it gave me a nice fuzzy feeling.  I really dug the mixture of jazz and electronic that went on within the production of the tunes, giving the album a unique feel that I found very interesting.  I mentioned this, but throughout the album I kept thinking back to when I reviewed Dummy by Portishead - she definitely had that kind of feel, but with a lesser electronic influence.  I found the first half of the album to be more interesting than the latter, which was unfortunate.  It sucks being super intrigued and excited about an album when it starts out, and then not having those same feelings by the time the album ends.  Some of the electronic elements got a little unbalanced, and they didn't seem to fit in with the songs as they had in the beginning of the album.  Having such a strong start with songs like "Lenda" and "Rainha," I would have hoped that momentum would have kept through for the rest of the album.  Regardless, I would recommend this album to anyone interested in Brazillian music that has a little bit of a hip-hop and electronic feel to it.  Céu has a beautiful voice, and I will definitely continue to listen to this album.

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