Friday, February 1, 2013

Songs of the Day

Today's just an okay day of songs, with tracks six through nine, "Old School Rules," "A.T.H.F. (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)," "Basket Case," and "No Names (Black Debbie)."  I'm happy "Old School Rules" starts the day off, because it's probably my favorite of the four tracks.  Although, I am rather curious as to why Talib Kweli isn't featured on the track, seeing as he has a verse and does the hook... whatever, it's always nice to hear a familiar voice.  Talib provides his usual coolness, surpassing Doom on this one.  The beat definitely has an old school flare (which is only appropriate) with the horns and what not - I dig it.  Probably the least goofy track thus far, which is good and bad. I love "A.T.H.F." by default, because I've loved that show since I was in sixth grade (not that I understood half of the humor), so it's really funny hearing Meatwad and Carl doing a little something.  And who doesn't love a rap about silly cartoons??  The beat is minimal, which I dig, but again, nothing crazy lyrically.  "Basket Case" has a really cool beat, might be one of my favorites of the album, and I think it suits Doom's flow really well.  What's up, Harvey Birdman?  You's a funny man.  I don't think I'm high enough to be listening to this album.... "No Names (Black Debbie)" has a cool 60s mystery feel to it that I dig. Honestly, Scooby Doo was the first thing that came to mind hearing it, which probably isn't the worst thing seeing as this album revolves around cartoons.  Yeah...I definitely am gonna have to smoke something before I listen to tomorrows final batch of tunes.

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