Saturday, September 24, 2011

Songs of The Day

It's Summertime:  The opening of this tune has got a cool bouncy-like bass thing going on that I dig.  It's got a cool feel to it.  I wish the groove had embodied that feel more than the country-ish vibe it's got going on.  It's a cool groove, but I think it's a little too happy.  The bass made me think that the song was going to have a harder feel to it, so I was a little disappointed it didn't go in that direction.  I do dig the layers going on - they provide a great build - but I think it starts to sound a little cluttered.  Decent tune, but there've been better.

Do You Realize:  I'm gonna go ahead and take a guess that this is their most popular song off of this album.  I know I've heard it in more than one movie or commercial.  It's definitely got a sweet feel too it.  I wish the groove was a little quieter, more subdued.  It kind of sounds like the melody is being swallowed up, whereas if everything were turned down about 4 notches, it would really shine.  A build to the opening dynamic level would have been good, but I think it just comes out of the gate too heavy.  Dig the drop out section - nice focus on the vocals.  I dig the song, I think it's sweet, but I think a little editing could have made the song shine even more.

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