Sunday, September 18, 2011

Songs of The Day

I'm a Good Woman:  This is a pretty cool tune.  I really dig the call and response intro with Lydia a cappella and the horns - great way to start the tune.  Dig the upbeat feel.  Rod Ellicot aka the bad mother fucker on the bass is doin this song real dirty.  Walking allll over the place!  Love it.  Man, this horn section is tight.  There's a lot of power in this song, makes you pay attention.  Solid.  Love that it goes seamlessly into the next song.

Let My Down Easy:  Oh boy, this song... this song is all kindsa nice.  Love the opening with the piano trill - very mysterious, very intriguing.  Organ sounds awesome.  The horns really make this tune - they control the dynamic of the tune.  They're soft and subtle, and then they punch you in the face in the chorus.  Got me over here with a stank face when they bring the song up - too, too funky.  And the bring down?  My God.  Lydia's grit really sells this tune - you believe her when she's pleading.  Great fade out.  This whole thing is just so, so tasty.  May be my favorite...

Watch Your Step:  This is a pretty solid way to close out the album.  Great up beat feel that you can really groove too.  Love the long intro before Lydia comes in - it really shows off the band.  Man, oh man is this horn section tight.  So, so tight.  Ridiculous.  Funny that the tune feels happy when the lyrics are the exact opposite of that.  Lydia, killin as always.  Solid.

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